Mit den beeindruckenden dreidimensionalen Bildern von „Uniview“ führt Dietmar Hager durch das Universum zu den Sternen und den Ursprüngen unserer Existenz.



City of Linz background of Industry military. No culture background. To  create a festival to invest in new technologies.  To  invest in art & techno society convincing about the impact in environment. Physicist,   computer graphics, metamatics graphics, were advisor for ars electronica. Scientifics, advisers, young musicians in Munich, presenting Experimental  works with loudspeakers in trees landscapes, concert and soundsources. Walking  through the soundscape . the  topic was to developed an area cultural for everybody. Using Anthon Bruckenr 8 symphony in the park, displying streams, playing with delay 100people came. Soundcloud was succesfull and continued on. Ars  Electronica politicians at 1982 developed Skyarts, a conference with the former mit medialab boston. On  1981 Skyarts conference explored the artisticity of sky as space for art. It was the first European Skyarts conference in Ars Electronic Linz. Famous Artist well know camo to Linz exhibition in Dabube Park,, Bruckner Park, where Skyspaces show performances of Paik, Moorman. The Skyarts conference invites international staff of Ars electronic. Danube park sculpture 1986 has new director, decided Broadcasting conferences with budget from the city sponsors  1987. The Topic was FREE SOUND OPEN SPACES installations concerts experimental music.  

From Munich, SZEMANN put 3million schilling 200.000millions. Focus on tv videonnale, the  everyday video and computer art on tv and media art was commission fro tv. There were artworks from 13 artists as Vasulka, Weibel, Export, Ulrich, the classical videoart field premiere video vernisage set up a programme live with tv setting at Austrian media tv.  Artist enjoy 3 hours scrennings live broadcastings and 70thousands millions from curating commissions and fundings and competitions support the conception of ars electronic.  

The categories related with traditional art and technologic computer were display at Ars Electronica.  FILM / PAINTING GRAPHICS / VIDEO animation. The Investements for the high price Golden Nika (3 hundred schillings 21thousand euros) came from Austria government. Now increased to 200.000euros. at the very beginning Ars Electronica network create a community and a free open categories.  In 1990 was created a 4th category about interactive art. The late 80s discussion about interactive participation art world create new categories. First  artist winning the prize were working on Artificial Reality.

On the 1990 it comes  Internet . The Computer music categorie as  academic field for festivals institutions changed into digital music computer. changing into digital sound art.  Changing away from the institution. At  1998 sound installation boxes were displayed. Making art sound, turning  computer music into digital music.  

In 1996 a categorie for young people free style computing was launch. The budget from Austrian bank supposed young people animation robotic homepages and creatives to participate. The incredible population of the  categorie promote the internationalization.

Another Category projects for communities working with internet to realize platforms for creation through internet as a tool.  Digital communities and productions.

It was also an Hybrid art categorie,  among others /performance / music / interactive / . the stablishment of context was in between art & science. biologic art and experimental body/machine as Deleuznian strategic philosophy.

2004 the international 20/35 aged students working in alpine industrie scholarship were invited by prix ars electronic to realize documented video, elaborated,  disembeded, in paper, video, recorded. But Not realized (city in the ocean). Not realized,  built, but research or investigation . borns Pix ars electronic .

Ars electronic is a  center with cultural infrastructure collection, but not a  museum, not interests in new mayor invitation calsl for papers. But  building proposal for ars electronic center not real museum collection but a place for understanding media virtual vision conceptualize the center pedagogical berlin license scot fischer roy ascott planning arts electronic center succesfull small building to now 80thoushands per year new center last year 200.000visitors landmark bookstore Austrian guide linz

21 birthday exhibition eyebeam at new York jefrey shaw somerer classics musum film/’foto ars electronic futurelab mexico exhibition Madrid arco shangai ea arts festival internationalization festivals futurelab ars electronic installations    The Ars Electronica Center (AEC) is a museum and research facility on the north bank of the Danube (in the Urfahr district), across the river from the Hauptplatz (main square). The AEC is a significant world center for new media arts, attracting a large gathering of technologically-oriented artists every year for the Ars Electronica festival. The AEC museum is home to one of the few public 3D CAVEs in Europe.