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Arctic Perspective – Third Culture. In Kooperation mit The Arts Catalyst, London; Projekt Atol, Ljubljana; Lorna, Reykjavik und C-TASC, Montréal, HMKV in der PHOENIX Halle Dortmund, 18. Juni – 10. Okt. 2010Ausführliche Informationen zur Ausstellung hier:

The Makrolab project was born in 1994 during the wars that were raging in the former Yugoslavia. Its initial purpose was to function as an autonomous and mobile performance/tactical media environment as it was explained during one of the first conceptual presentations of the project at ISEA 1994. THE MAKROLAB-UNTP (Unmanned Network Tactical Phase) network setup in the Kiasma, will be operational today, at 1700Z. Tammakari island radar unit setup is delayed until 220804 due to remote network setup delays. The Makrolab-UNTP project in Helsinki is supported by a grant from the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Mestna Obcina Ljubljana Oddelek za Kulturo, Mobitel d.d. and the EU Culture 2000 – TCM project.  MLA151203004M MAKROLAB LAB OPERATIONS ON ISLAND OF CAMPALTO HAVE CEASED ON DECEMBER 12, 2003. THE PROJECT HAS ENTERED IN THE DOCUMENTATION AND REFLECTION PHASE. THE CALL FOR OPERATIONS AND PROJECTS PROPOSALS FOR THE MAKROLAB TERRITORY 2003/2004 PERIOD IS CLOSED.



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