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paolo cirio tactical media artist

This is a spy-story played on the info-sphere, rendered into a new form of fiction.
Four characters told a story using dialogues shown on YouTube videos, blog posts, via entries on their Facebook, Flickr and Twitter profiles. Actions in public environments completed the set of stages where the story was acted. Audiences had an active role in the story, they unfolded and created other pieces of fiction. The cloned identity of a real spy was used to portray a story about political and sentimental weakness of our era characterised by dysfunctional sociality which is being created by social media communications. The drama deconstructed language and symbolism of ideologies by remixing characters’ lifes and identities with real-world patterns.Selected exhibition installation pictures:
.Move Festival HalleCairo Prize MilanTinaB. PragueDa Festival Sofia
– PDF Press Release, 15.Jan.09
– Critical text by A.Ludovico (en) (de)
– Final Interview, Web Literature book. (en) (it)
– Interview on Springerin Magazine (en) (de)
– Interview on Velvet Magazine
– Recombinant Fiction Theory – website:

The Big Plot, Installation Halle, .Move Festival. -> See all pictures selected