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04 - 06 JUNE 2010

As part of the LaptopRus Meeting in Madrid, Digicult has the pleasure to
speak to the panel "SESSION 3 - IN ACTION: Patching the networks ",
scheduled for Sunday, June 6 from 11:00 to 14:00 at the Reina Sofia Museum.
In the context of intervention, Digicult will firstly present its critical
and journalistic activities as well as its networking dynamics on the web
portal, magazine and agency activity, and will than provide a critical
overview of the Audiovisual contemporary cross-disciplinary production in a
context of international neworking, not only as ways of relating but also
sharing ideas, projects, social contexts and human and professional


LaptopsRus concludes its 2009 - 2010 touring season with a spectacular
performance at Matadero Madrid, a conference at Museo Nacional Centro de
Arte Reina Sofía and an AVLAB workshop at Medialab Prado. LaptopsRus is an
international project which brings together AV performers from different
countries. While LaptopsRus curates and invites known or unknown AV
performers, there is also an ALL-accepted web-based Open Call for woman live

LaptopsRus is a network initiative which holds public MEETING | REUNIÓN with
woman live performers in a tournament setting for its 2009-2010 touring
season. The first 'battle' organized by LaptopsRus took place at the AV
Festival Vision'R of Paris in the spring of 2009. Since then LaptopsRus has
toured four seasons based on the four classic elements: spring / air (Paris
and Geneva), summer / fire (Cáceres), Fall / earth (online), Winter /water
(Berlin). LaptopsRus brings AV real time performance, which was usually
presented in clubs and AV festivals, to Matadero Contemporary Art Center. To
contextualize this genre of performance, a workshop and a conference are
presented at Madrid's leading medialab and museum (AVlab workshop at
Medialab PRADO Madrid and a conference at Reina Sofía).

LaptopsRus is a project led by two multimedia artists, Maite Cajaraville,
based in Madrid, and Shu Lea Cheang, who lives in Paris. With the intention
to promote and network woman live performers, they create this "portable'
ring-setting event which can be held anywhere, even online. They use
internet's social networks (facebook, myspace, Vimeo, Flickr) to connect,
share and network the laptop generation women.


Matadero Madrid - two performance nights on june 4 &5

Among the artists invited to the 'Meeting / Reunion' at Matadero Madrid are
Chika (USA), Nikki (Italy), Randa Mirza (Lebanon), Soni- Riot (Germany), eM
Tv and erelevil vj (France), a-li-ce (France), Paula Vélez (Colombia),
Kowalski (Badajoz), Alba G. Corral (BCN), ...


Medialab Prado - AVLAB workshop on June 5

Live coding, Live performance, Live cinema, live Art, Live a life!
Laptopsrus leads the AVLAB workshop as an interactive platform invites local
and international perfomers to discuss the 'behind the scene' hardware and
software development in real time AV works..


Museo Reina Sofia - Generation Laptop Real Time Meeting

LaptopsRus in association with Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía
presents "Generation Laptop Real Time" mini-conference. While digital art in
installation/DVD Format has claimed exhibition space in the museums, the
dynamic real time visual/audio processing works, , mostly presented at clubs
and AV festivals, are yet to be explored and exhibited at the museum
quarters. The conference, bringing together artists, curators, theorists,
critics, practitioners, scholars, organizers and interventonists, provides a
platform for critical review of contemporary AV live performance and further
networks today's laptop generation.

Talkers: http://www.laptopsrus.me/madrid2010/reinasofia/talkers.html


June 4 (Friday) - 11:00 - 14:00

SESSION 1 - IN PROCESS: coding AV live performance
The current 'scene' of AV live performance is constantly redefining the
codes of processing AV materials. In this panel, we review terms of live
processing with live performers, artists, trend watchers and cultural
commentators. How can we advance the apprication of live art, processing
art, code art as the most lively art form today ?

Panelists: Jose Luís Brea (Spain) , Things Happen (Spain) , José
López-Montes (Spain) , Cornelia Lund (Germany)


June 5 (Friday) - 16:00 - 19:00

SESSION 2 - RIOT GIRLS TECHNO QUEEN: the rise of laptop generation women
We give a special spotlight for the rise of woman laptop generation. Tracing
back cyberfeminism of early 90s to the emergence of social network and free
software communities, This panel heralds a vibrant network of performing
women claiming their space and bookmarks on the Net.

Panelists: Claudia Ossandón (Chile) , Julianne Pierce (Austrlia) , soni riot
(Germany) , Miriam Ruiz (Spain) , Remedios Zafra (Spain)


June 6 (Sunday) - 11:00 - 14:00

SESSION 3 - IN ACTION: patching the networks
While we discuss the current AV performance practice and network
possibilities, we focus the debate on - Collective action vs. Personal
accent, commons vs.editions, public e-space, social network vs. urban
screens. As we breathe the network culture daily, how can we further expand
cross-platforms of AV performance?

Panelists: Jay Barros (Spain) , Alba G Corral (Spain) , Marco Mancuso &
Claudia D'Alonzo for Digicult (Italy) , Javier Duero (Spain) , Anne roquigny

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