The Poetics of Code

“HD Traffic” 2009 by John F. Simon, Jr. / ”Lagoglyphs” 2009 by Edwardo Kac 

Streaming Museum is pleased to announce the opening of “The Poetics of Code” an exhibition of artwork by two pioneer contemporary artists – “HD Traffic” by John F. Simon, Jr. and “Lagoglyphs” by Eduardo Kac.  The exhibition can be viewed March 15 – May 15 at Streaming Museum and throughout a global network of public spaces. 

Information on Global Partners and Schedules (here) 

Code lies at the core of both works as method and meaning. In “HD Traffic,” Simon built with software code a Mondrian-inspired work designed to integrate real-time traffic data flow. Kac’s series of lagoglyphs artworks, reference and expand upon his controversial genetically altered Alba the GFP Bunny 2000. The real-time animations, continuously flowing and reconfiguring themselves, place emphasis on the generative mutability of writing and the encoded nature of life. 

John F. Simon, Jr. – interview, “HD Traffic” & biography  (here) 

Eduardo Kac – interview, “Lagoglyphs” & biography  (here) 





From left to right: Cocor MediaChannel, Bucharest, Romania (Pictures 1 and 2); Federation Square, Melbourne Australia; Second Life, Greek Citystate of Colonia Nova; Antarctica, Marambio Base of Argentina (Pictures 5 and 6); Art Center Nabi, Seoul, Korea; Second Life, Greek Citystate of Colonia Nova