Hacklab at the sea July 12-18

12.-18.7.2010 Hacklab at the sea (CFP DL 26.6.) 

M.A.R.I.N. invites short proposals to attend Hacklab at the Sea, an informal workshop on an island in the Finnish archipelago combining tinkering and brainstorming of ideas. The workshop explores sensory experience of marine environment and ecologies. Participants should all do hands-on tinkering with the likes of but not limited to, sensors, sensor networks, DIY electronics, low power computing, and alternative energy production.

Hacklab is set in the Finnish archipelago Hacklab is set in the Finnish archipelago 

12.-18.7.2010 Hacklab at the sea location:
a small island in Naantali, Turku Archipelago, Finland (35 min from Turku + 10 min by boat)

Possible approaches for tinkering:
– circuit bending for floating structures
(radio controlled boats, subs, floating sensor stations, wireless units)
– DIY microscopy
– Solar panels, water kinetic energy
– Sensor networks
– Non-conventional locating and mapping



Lab setup
400 W wind power
920W photovoltaic solar panels
800 Ah of battery
Gas soldering irons
3G Internet -> WiFi local (no high bandwidth stuff)

Shared cabin housing for 8 people max, additional space in 2 tents.

Small indoors, and a great outdoors kitchen with 2 woks, fish smoking unit and BBQ.
Fridge. Fresh water brought from mainland.
I will provide potatoes, carrots, onions, bread, milk, cheese, cooking oil, basic spice.
Other ingredients you need to chip in to buy, or help to fish or gather (chantarell may be in season).

Wood heated sauna is the place for great conversations, relaxing and washing up.
Rain water collected for hair.
Please bring eco friendly shampoos…

2-seater sea kayak
rowing boat
fishing boat
sea to swim in, rocks to lay on.

Minimum stay 4 days, preferred the whole time.


Bring your own low power computers + electronics, towel, sheets, and special food and drink you may like. Please charge up everything before you come.
Bring cameras, laptops. Leisure things are charged last if we would run out of juice.
Please note that it is an island, and it takes a boat ride and 20 mins of driving to get to a supermarket.

This is a non-funded workshop, so travel and production costs are paid by each participant.

Basic food and prodution of the small scale thing is volunteer work by the host, Tapio Mäkelä, and premises are kindly lent for the workshop by his parents.

If you come by boat, I will give you both a visual map and co-ordinates for your GPS. Also bicycle is a great method to come to the harbor.

For those who come via air or land, I will organize journeys from Turku onwards. How to get to Turku from abroad: some airlines fly to Turku, most to Helsinki, Ryanair flies to Tampere. Bot HEL and TRE airports offer good train connections to Turku. Also there is an 8 hour ferry connection to Turku from Stockholm.
Good overall travel to finland – – http://www.ebookers.fi- – Does not include offers from the cheapest airlines: http://www.easyjet.com, http://ryanair.com, http://www.airberlin.com

worth looking into:
Regional links: Capsula Baltic Sea expedition
Approach at Sea by Birgitta Silfverhielm
Arctic Perspective Initiative

– what would you like to do at the workshop?
– what skills would you like to share?
– how do you find marine ecology relevant to your practice, or vice versa?
– tell a bit about yourself
– and include a few URLs to relevant projects

Please e-mail your proposal to tapio@translocal.net latest by June 26th, Saturday.
I will reply to everyone by June 28th.

M.A.R.I.N. – Media Art Research Interdisciplinary Network – is a networked residency and research initiative, integrating artistic and scientific research on ecology of the marine and cultural ecosystems. Next summer (2011) M.A.R.I.N. will host residencies and workshops with several partners at the Baltic Sea.

Download web flyer here.