Mapping Virtual Skies ISEA2010 RUHR Conference Programme 24/08• Max Neupert (de): Satellite Zodiac • Alejandro Duque, Luis Bustamente (co): Unsigned• Laura Plana Gracia (es): Database Visualizations, Mapping and Cartography: Genealogy of Space.”

MAX NEUPERT Satellite Zodiac Since the majority of the world’s population now lives in cities, starry nights have become increasingly rare. However, our life is dominated by artificial heavenly bodies. In my installation I make satellite positions visible – the room becomes a planetarium, with satellites replacing stars. Laser pointers display the positions of satellites. Additionally, illustrative interpretation of the emerging (satellite-) constellations explain their meaning and reflect our technological contemporary mythology. The C64, iPod, Gameboy and Walkman are among zodiac symbols of satellite constellations.



THE BOGOTA DECLARATION. A tropicalattempt to reclaim geostationary slots for the countries located below the clark belt (36km above us) Chaotic space traffic needs rules, less secrecy: US general .by Staff Writers Washington (AFP) May 13, 2010 A top US general on Thursday called for international rules to control chaotic space traffic, warning satellites are increasingly at risk of collision. General James Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said it was no longer possible for the United States and other countries to keep vast numbers of orbiting satellites a secret.

BIRDS WITHIN El proyecto usa una arquitectura de 3D Audio en la que diferentes tonos o loops de sonido son asignados a representaciones digitales de satélites reales cuyas órbitas y velocidad son escaladas hasta el espacio personal de quien escucha. Éste tipo de paisaje sonoro busca subrayar la inmediatez de la actividad sideral y su influencia en espacios personales y comunes. El mayor reto del del proyecto es encontrar una vía para acentuar la experiencia de ésta actividad a través de una superposición de medios análogos y digitales con procesos sociales de observación y exploración urbana.

M.S.S.T.Satelliteless Senza satellite  Artisans of bits and volts, humanist poets, nomadic scientists – where are we going? I trust in the pulse of your steps, our revolution is the next second, and the constant challenge is not to surrender to the conformity of being entertained or entertaining: distracting the fact that we want to live beyond history, walls, banks, genetic similarity. We want an ecosystem that is worth of all this Prometheic pyrotechinic – this being, which is supposed to be Sapiens. Some intelligent symbiosis to keep this flame heating an harmonic environment.

MOVIMIENTO DE LOS SIN SATELLITE Comunidades de artesanos de bits y voltios, poetas humanistas, cientificos nómadas hacia donde vamos?? Confio en el pulso de tus pasos, nuestra revolución es el proximo segundo, el desafio constante de no rendirse al conformismo de entretenerse o entretener, distrayendonos del hecho de que vivimos mas alla de la história, de los muros, de los bancos, de la semejanza de los cuerpos y sus consanguinidades.

other things to consider according satellites / geo-spatial-policies / aerospace as atopia / atopia policies / Geopolitics of aerospace

– Atopia is the no-space. Atopia may refer to a society which does not have territorial borders. It relates to Outerspace, the Aerospace. Atopia prepares for the awardness that exists between the no-space and the individual. The tension between individual and something above nations, countries or states. Atopia as outerspace comprises and responses to NASA policies and the satellites development.

Ubermorgen presents in Universal Health a universal Atopia

VIDEO Captain Goto10

TJASA KANCLER PARADIGMA.NET it is a database archiving all media material according to set

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Irán anuncia el lanzamiento de un satélite de comunicaciones.Se trata del primer módulo construido

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Presentación gráfica del funcionamiento del escudo antimisiles.

TREVOR PAGLEN Active Military and Reconnaissance Satellites of the United States of America A multimedia installation in which real-time positions of classified American military and intelligence spacecraft are projected as points of light onto a large rotating three-dimensional globe. A soundtrack composed from intercepted transmissions from these spacecraft plays in the background.  The installation is run by proprietary software developed specifically for the piece. Orbital data for the spacecraft comes from a loose network of amateur “satellite observers” who maintain an accurate “catalog” of classified objects in Earth orbit. Principle development for the installation was done by Chris Sugrue with supporting work by Jeff Crouse, Evan Harper, and Geraldine Juarez.  The installation was produced with a commissions from the Eyebeam Art + Technology Center and the Berkeley Art Museum.