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Thursday 14th Oct – Sunday 17th Oct 2010



The constellation of works presented at Frieze by Oliver Laric is the latest manifestation ofVersions – the artist’s ongoing project aimed at exploring historical and contemporary notions of image hierarchies.

A series of cast sculpture takes its cue from Reformation period iconoclastic vandalism. For Laric, iconoclasm is fundamentally ‘productive’. In our networked Internet age, in which bootlegs, copies, samples and remixes now hold equal footing with the original in terms of cultural production, Laric suggests that iconoclasm is not the termination of an image, but rather the multiplication of that image into another possibility. In this sense, the original image becomes a ‘version’ of itself created by the iconoclast’s vandalism.

A video montage composed of recycled footage functions as a veiled key for the sculptural works, and for the Versions project as a whole. Narrated by a cold, synthetic female voice, the video journeys from ancient sculpture to the Internet meme (via Walt Disney) in order to plot an idiosyncratic timeline of image appropriations, clashes and multiplications.


Gentili Apri, Daniel Keller and Nik Kosmas (Aids-3D)

Gentili Apri at Frieze Art Fair, London, presenting new works by Daniel Keller and Nik Kosmas (Aids-3D) Oct 13 – 17

Miller-Urey Bong

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Dimension/Next* (Paul B. Davis and AIDS-3D), Miller-Urey Bong, 2010.

“Miller-Urey Bong allows experimentation with genesis models of the early Earth atmosphere by re-creating the Miller-Urey experiment with the additional functionality of adding any combustive material to the atmospheric simulation. The material is heated using a high-powered laser and the vaporized remnants are drawn into the experimental apparatus through the combined use of a specially designed stem system, carburetion port, and user provided suction. Employing the same suction, users can also orally sample the experiment’s contents at any time for further analysis.”