20-24th july 2011

thanks to NWX free public listing from Czech republique/ monica bello premio vida / andy gracia bio-artist ans astrophysics / katja ana / andy studer

paper by pavel sedlak / pau cata marles : residences>hipermobility >local>organic intellectuals / leandro pisano: local anthropology>new media technology>territorial material>festivals / lisa stansbie: digital archive of images> appropiation>remix>internet uses> engine search>image>footage / WRO /

conclusions: rural places and new media centers / city /

influenced by: third landscape, gilles clement / robotics, ralph schreaber / mark fell sound visual light / atau tanaka newcastle university / steve goodman / turbo-folk /

TALK 1 MARTIN BRICELIJ. contemporary art vs. new media art. ephemeral art. public space artivism. tactical media. digital vs. analogue. fiction vs. real. virtual vs. physical. live cinema. live performing. AV events. museum in motion. mobile museum. laboratory of arts science and design. an open air festival. production > education > residencies> festival> biennial> laboratory> transitory art> mediateque>public space> cinemascope. medialab. balcan and east europe. network. networking. collaborative. common histories. residencies and curating.last new projects: Darkstar sculpture in public space/ New Human public monuments interventions/ Climax live cinema project /

TALK 2 SELMAN TRECI BEOGRAD. globalism. cooperativism. cultural desert of belgrade. collaborative projects. private money to galleries and cultural centers. professors and visual artist involved. studio / residence. contemporary art world of action. utopia. micro-utopia. subversive. post-modernism. pluralism. refugees, working class, poor, social responsibility.joseph beuys. social plastic. action and language. object

TALK3  WRO ART CENTER. Poland independent. from events free to institution. 1989-1990 berlin wall. visual / sound artworks. festival and educational activities. new computers. video tv making. media art bienale. video. technology. media communications. 100 artworks. curatorial projects. exhibitions. screenings. # fernando velazquez MINDSCAPES [] the bienal has more than 11 locations around the city: national museum, kinetic sculptures. is presenting docs an conferences. #ISTVAN KANTOR. #STERLAC. also participating music, sound labels, bands, dj. vj. records. the GROB collection. from a private company to a public benefeit organization. wro art center has a media room. education children. young audiences. digital collection. database. residency space. media library. exhibitions of #MIROSLAV BALKA. #NAM JUNE PAIK. it is also a production space.collaborations with stanford, london. is a media art institution. MOBE. an audiovisual cinematic.

TALK 4 PAVEL SEDLAK CIANT PRAGUE. international center of art and technology. 1998. influence of frnace, communis,. it is a medialab. start as media art in the 1990’s with no budget. artist talks. research. residencies. computer science. sound and vision. interactive. real time body movement. electrophysics. open source and arduino. software and hardware development. 10 years of experience. archive. production of artworks. project and works. digital presentations. UNESCO. GAMA ART> data location. live-data. datapolis. Festival. #AARON KOLBIN. #ERIK KONRAD.Europen Tele-Plateaus. Transnational situations of encounters and co-production.

TALK 5. EKMEL ERTAN. AMBER PLATFORM. TURKEY. ISTAMBUL body technology. 2007 association. artists, engineers, body, process-art. amberis a festival, conference, network, platform, interactive art, cyborg, datacity. #STERLAC. #MARCELI ANTUNEZ. #ROBERT PHALLER. #MLADEN DOLLAR. #BILL VORN. doing workshops. video mapping. science, art & technology. next ecology. looking for funders.

TALK 6. TRANSARTIST. AMSTERDAM. for artist in residency. portofolios. applications. interaction.

TALK 7. PAU CATA MARLES. CERCCA. center and research casa marles. funded by young enterpreneurs europe and conca.  nomadism and artist in residences. study case. auto-ethno-graphics. I History. II Hipermobility and Brain-drining. III Ethics and Politics. As Joaquin BArriendos told : Global art and politics of mobility. a transcultural shift in the international contemporary art system. ASCA 2007. influenced by . artist in residence. AIR. brain- drain process. hypermobility. #JOHN ADAMS. km 0. organic intelectual. cronology. consumerism. sustainability. ethical and political view. local communities. educators. curators. . interaction. research. relational media art labs, interchange and exchange.

TALK 8. LEANDRO PISANO. rural territory and new media. south italy. irpina. nem media art. local culture and identity. events. knowledge economy. glocal, blobal and local. competitive capitalism. territory as essential benefeit. rural tourism. #INTERFERENZE NEW ARTS FESTIVAL vol.1. re-design identity  of rural territory. region, villaes, no big cities, isolation

TALK 9. LISA STANSBIE. research. phd. artist lecture. appropiation. contemporary art vs new media art. hack and appropiation. . webmakers. bourriaud and post-production. dj. remix. re-present. sci-art-tech-music. #McKENZIE. hacks. code. new concept. author. subject. intersubject. new form of production. collaborative. creative commons. digital archive. website. information. ebay images. commodification. objects. re-use. re-present. fluid. #MARK NAPIER. uses of images. film footage. #DEBORD. #LEWANADOSKA. #CUMMINGS.

TALK 10. WRO  ART CENTER. technosphere. scanning devices. geostationery. radio-control. #ERIC SIU. eeuu. hong kong. extension senses. #McLUHAN. cinema. vision apparats. interactive installation. surfaces. safe environment. intuitive installation. interactive response. awareness. technology.