investigation, research and phd documentation in art & technology field. developing spatial aesthetics to evolve concepts as politics, sociology or art. based in geopolitics, mapping and cartography deals with the post-colonialism and utopia to state the evolution and revolution process in crisis eras mediated through technology, informatics and new media communications (radio, tv, internet, satellite)

my project is based in research and critical writing. focusing on the contemporary schen, it will describe the actual situation of post-coloniamlis. and a new perspective of geopilitics. the aim is to distribute the essay through ediatoriasl as eipcp and mapas,
it also will collaborate to spread the world the actual critic situation from the point of view of cultural precariat in non western cultures. the problematic area of canal of Suez, since the British empire broke it. the problematic of pirates will be filmed and screened. the references are mainly Uriel orlow who has also before analised the same problematic. the new post-colonialism influenced by geopolitics and non western cultures, also conducted by Arab revolution will draw a new change that has to be communicate but not through official channels. Analyse the contemporary art schene from Sudan, and do anhommage to Ahmed Bassoumy. Analyse also the crisis of the martitime transport that is directly affetcng the north spanish industries. there is a silent war in this conflict since 1945. one of the causesof the II WW was the maritime territory of suez. the colonialism war on material.


CoLab (ICPL) Khartoum. Interdisciplinary and Collaborative Projects Laboratory

CoLab is a project aimed at developing a new profile of creator/researcher though the creation of interdisciplinary work groups to carry out projects collaboratively.

Projects selected through this call will be developed within the context of the European Film Festival 11 Sudan (EFF11) to expand these methodologies to new creation and contemporary thinking spaces.

> Call for projects/ideas. Deadline: October 31, 2011 November 10, 2011
> Call for collaborators/participants: November
312 – 27, 2011 (coming soon)
> Workshop: November 28 – December 1, 2011 (coming soon)