Preview of transmediale 2012

The theme in/compatible probes the artistic imagination that is developed in a network culture where everything seems to connect, but not all fit in or work together. The programme is almost finalised and we are very excited to share some highlights with you.

The 2-day symposium called in/compatible: systems | publics | aesthetics addresses the in/compatible thematic according to three interrelated streams, discussing political, social and cultural incompatibilities from macro, micro and artistic points of view. Each stream is hosted by a chair: Chris Salter (ca), Krystian Woznicki (de) and Rosa Menkman (nl). Some of the speakers participating in the symposium are Stefan and Ralph Heidenreich (de), Tsila Hassine and Ziv Neeman (il), Orit Halpern (us) and Jussi Parikka (fi).
Keynotes will be given by Graham Harman (us), Jodi Dean (us) and Matthew Fuller (uk).

In line with the festival theme, the exhibition curated by Jacob Lillemose called Dark Drives: Uneasy Energies in Technological Times contains artworks and cultural products that portend to the dark sides of our technologized lives. Over 30 artistic positions span from pioneers of media art, such as
Sture Johannesson (se), VNS Matrix (au) and Ant Farm (us) with more contemporary approaches by Daniel García Andújar (es), Art 404 (us), JK Keller (us), Jon Satrom (us) and Jennifer Chan (ca) among many others.

For its 25th anniversary transmediale is looking back at a unique history of media art and culture in Berlin. This history is playing a part in the video programme Satellite Stories curated by Marcel Schwierin. It also includes works by Andreas Schneider (de), Dominic Gagnon (ca), Isabelle Hayeur (ca), Basim Magdy (eg), Babak Afrassiabi and Nasrin Tabatabai (ir), Christiane Dellbrügge (us) and Ralf de Moll (de), Harun Farocki (cz), Nina Kurtela (hr), Bjørn Melhus (de), Neozoon (eu), Roee Rosen (il) and more. The guest curators for the Arab Shorts programme this year are Maha Maamoun and Sarah Rifky from Egypt.

The performance programme, The Ghosts in the Machine, explores the analogue as the ghost which keeps haunting our digital culture. An absolute highlight is Joshua Light Show (us) – a German premiere for these resurrected psychedelic visual pioneers who will be appearing with different special guests. Further shows include Billy Roisz (at), dieb13 (at), Mario de Vega (mx), Flora Könemann (no), Wolfgang Spahn (dt) and Martin Howse (gb).

The newly initiated platform reSource for transmedial culture will anticipate projects for a future (trans-)local network culture by bringing together hackers, artists and scientists in workshops, discussions and performative lectures. Participants among others are Jacob Appelbaum (us), Jaromil (it/nl), Steve Lambert (us), Telekommunisten (de), Morten Riis (dk), Johannes P. Osterhoff (de), Katrien Jacobs (be/hk), Sergio Messina (it) und Shu Lea Cheang (tw/fr).