Just as the voting for The Telco Hall of Shame was nearing its end, news has come out that telcos are behaving badly once again.  AT&T and Verizon have just announced their support for the newly-reintroduced CISPA, the U.S. cybersecurity bill that would allow companies and the US government to share your personal data, all without a warrant or notification to the user.¹ We joined a coalition of organizations to help defeat CISPA 1.0, but now US lawmakers are debating it again and are soliciting support from telcos. Even if you don’t live in the US, this will affect you. Phone calls, emails, and internet traffic routed through the US will be subject to CISPA, affecting millions of people worldwide. This is just one example of telco behavior that threatens the rights of users everywhere, so cast your vote before the polls close and we’ll deliver your voice to the winner of the Network Interference Award. 

Now is your chance: Go vote now and tell us which telco is the worst when it comes to human rights.

Want more info? Keep reading below to find out more. For an open internet, Mike Rispoli Access Campaign Team

Who is the worst telco when it comes to human rights? Tell us and we’ll deliver it to the next meeting of the Industry Dialogue, where telco representatives gather to discuss human rights policies.

Every week, representatives from the world’s largest telcos, like Vodafone, AT&T, Nokia-Siemens, Teliasonera, and Telstra gather to discuss industry policies on user rights. Now is our chance to guide their thinking.

The meeting is known as the ‘Industry Dialogue,’ and as paying customers, we have a unique opportunity to tell participating telcos what we expect from their services. As they write policies on network shutdowns, user privacy, and handing over data to governments, their decisions will have a real impact on our lives–and the lives of users at risk in countries where making a call, sending a text, or checking email on a phone is a subversive activity.
That’s why Access is announcing the inductees into the 2013 Telco Hall of Shame. Each company profile highlights years of inaction and rights violations by international telcos.
Now it’s your chance to vote. Click the link below to see the inductees, vote on the worst offender, and Access will announce the “winner” of the Network Interference Award. When the Industry Dialogue next meets, we’ll deliver the voice of their customers, and tell them to act now to protect user rights:
Telcos are perhaps the most important communications providers in the world. They have extended access to billions of people, many in remote and low-income communities. Their outsized role in our everyday lives makes them the gatekeepers of our rights–a powerful role that brings great responsibility.
Some companies have taken positive steps since 2011, including internal privacy audits and some consultations with civil society. But progress has come in fits and starts, and more needs to be done, urgently.
Earlier this month, the CEO of TeliaSonera, a major Swedish telco, resigned in response to a corruption scandal in Uzbekistan. Telcos have clearly reached a tipping point–it’s time for industry reform. As their customers, we can steer this conversation and put them on the right track. But we have to act now.
Vote and tell us who the worst offender is, and we’ll deliver it before their next meeting so they know where their customers stand:
For an open internet,
Mike Rispoli
Access Campaign Team

¹ Big Telcos Love CISPA; More Immunity For Violating Our Customers Privacy?!? Sign Us Up!

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