Civic City, Cahier 1: Social Movements in the (Post-) Neoliberal City

Margit Mayer and Jesko Fezer . .
“A city is no longer seen to comprise only buildings, streets, squares, and parks. Text and images in public space, branding campaigns, street art, guidance systems, temporary installations and cartographic representations also influence our use, experience and perception of the city, as do signage, urban furnishings, vehicles and the appearance of public facades. The Civic City Cahier series addresses these design practices in the light of the escalating crisis of neoliberalism…What is the role of design in the production of urban space? Does it wish to be merely an element in the commodified colonisation of social spaces? Or are design and the visual and physical representations of urban issues themselves the key means by which of a Civic City may be created from the ideological ruins of existing urban spaces?”