Cybersalon: New Media Art

This month’s Cybersalon is celebrating the past two decades of digital creativity in London and will look forward to the city’s next burst of artistic innovation.

New Media Art in the 1990s was not about a particular art form, but rather about exploring the emerging medium itself. Some have called it techno-deterministic, others saw it as a rise of new digital aesthetics. What is now clear is that the best artworks from this pioneering decade explored how the decentralised and open structure the Net encouraged the development of virtual and real-life communities. It was this artistic avant-garde that would find its home in the rave scene, cybercafes and autonomist collectives. In 2013, learning from this formative experience, both veterans and newcomers are producing many weird and wonderful media artworks for our own times. Come to Cybersalon to discuss the past, present and future of new media art in this vibrant city. London’s greatest contributions to digital aesthetics are yet to come!


Artist William Latham will show and speak about his early experimental work on digital sculptures, developing Mutator and its influence on the aesthetics of the London club scene of the 1990s.

Ivan Pope, the founder of ArtNet BBS and co-director of Webmedia, will show the thinking, creation and impact of his first Web artwork – The Last Words of Dutch Schultz – and it’s implication for today’s Net innovators.

Sean Cubitt from Goldsmiths, University of London, will talk about how the interaction between electronic artists and their technologies creates a distinctive digital aesthetic.

Ruth Catlow and Marc Garrett will discuss Furtherfield, its online community, and their physical gallery space, and showcase the latest trends and up-and-coming artists of London’s new media art scene.


Ilze Black, Queen Mary, University of London; co-founder of network media group Take2030; and OPEN art bureau in1990s post-Soviet Latvia.

Exhibits: David John Russell, ‘Puppets of my creations’; and other new media artworks from London 1994-2013.

Tunes: Wildlife Display Team.

See you there!

Entrance is free but please book on

6.30pm: doors open and drinks
Discussion: 7.00 – 9.00 pm.
Followed by drinks in the pub: The Slaughtered Lamb.

The Arts Catalyst,
50-54 Clerkenwell Road,
London EC1M 5PS

Tubes: Old St/ Barbican
Barclays Bikes: Right outside the venue
Arts Catalyst is next to Foxtons on Clerkenwell Road.

Audio recordings, tweet timeline and transcript of the discussion will be available after each event.

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