*** *[image: Mission FCTA]*As astronauts, **while they guide the space
station which carries them, must** trust this station a 100%**, Annie
Abrahams will have to trust her vessel of flesh and blood, will have to
trust the bodies on which she lies and to which she must surrender.*

If you are in Paris on the 23rd of March you will be welcome to assist in
the performance*
Mission FCTA*
*F*aire *C*onfiance à la *T*echnique des *A*utres
(Trust in the Technics of Others)
*4.30 pm, CNES*, Paris, festival

*A**nnie Abrahams* will be carried by **Jean-Luc Soret <http://www.nunc.com>
,* Urte Amélie Fink, *Emilie Schalck <http://www.emilie-schalck.com/>, Karen
Guillorel <http://www.karenguillorel.com/>, Vanessa
Lili Mamath <http://lilimamath.wordpress.com/>*,<http://lilimamath.wordpress.com/>
*Aniara Rodado <http://aniara-rodado.com/>, *David Guasgua*, Séverine
Delbosque <http://collectif-corps.tumblr.com/>, Romaric
Tisserand<http://www.momologue.fr>and David
Ferrag <http://collectif-corps.tumblr.com/>. They will try to make her
journey comfortable, they will help her to sustain streaming contact and to
cope with casualities. They will together manage a body in suspension. The
carriers (professional dancers, a curator, an author, an artist) are all
volunteering for this task. They don’t know each other and had only two
hours of preparation. So the event will be as much a performance as an
exercise in auto-organisation. Trust will be crucial.

Remote interventions by Igor Stromajer <http://intima.org>, Nicolas
Frespech<http://frespech.com>and Laurie
Bellanca <http://kompost.me>
Streaming mosaika.tv

*Centre national d?études spatiales*
2 place Maurice Quentin
75039 PARIS CEDEX 01
Tél : 33 (0)1 44 76 75 00