he Detroit producer’s next album is inspired by Mamoru Mohri’s journey aboard the Endeavour Space Shuttle in 1992.
Words / Aaron Coultate  
Published / Friday, 15 March 2013 04:00 AM  
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Jeff Mills has collaborated with Japanese astronaut Mamoru Mohri on a new album called Where Light Ends

Set for release through Mills’ own Axis Records, the LP is inspired by Mohri’s first trip into space, aboard the Endeavour Space Shuttle in 1992. “Where Light Ends refers to the areas in space that we’re not able to see or understand,” Mills says. “Places that are also candidates in which to consider in terms of our future evolution. Places where the threat of our sun’s rays will not deteriorate our landscapes. A place of refuge, not a place where life may not exist.” 

Although the precise nature of Mohri’s role in the collaboration is yet to be confirmed, the album will be released across two CDs, with original tracks and remixes from the likes of Ken Iishi, Gonno and DJ QHey. It has also been revealed that comic illustrator Kenny Keil and artist Gustavo Alberto Garcia Vaca have created a comic film strip to accompany the album. A release date for Where Light Ends has not yet been set. (Mills also has another LP, Jungle Planet, on the way soon).

Jeff Mills collaborates with astronaut on Where Light Ends