MU/SPR Event: Wednesday 8th May, 5pm (RHB 137) at Goldsmiths

Artist Talk: Ludwig

Ludwig is a French artist working with light, sound and immersive environments. He has exhibited in Europe and Asia and is now embarking into one of the first joint art and astronautics research at ISAE (Institut Superieur de l’Aeronautique et de l’Espace) and University of Toulouse, with the project to embed art processes to human long-range space flight.

“Distance, exoticism (the planet as an exotic event), micro and macro-scale quantum behaviours, neutrinos’ ubiquity, photonic waves, hail, dew or stars formation, unpredictability, black holes, solar winds, dark energy, horizons where events fall, space-time foam, cosmic inflation and floating branes theories, megaverse models and limits of contemporary cosmology are such phenomena, materials and concepts feeding the production of works: immersive installations, images, videos, texts, sound pieces and conferences.”

Hearing cosmos through membranes: living in a bubbleverse
Considering nature as being animated by a permanent flux, Anaximander perceived the birth of worlds as a consequence of this motion of energy – worlds being produced by separation (apokrisis) or ejection (ekkrisis) from the undetermined, infinite and primordial apeiron. According to superstring theory, contemporary cosmology projects our universe as a 3+1-dimensional space being part of a far more complex multidimensional membrane – or such called ‘brane’. Additionally, eternal inflation and other multiverse theories redefine our position and expanding history into a bubbling supersaturated stream – both approaches aiming at apprehending what could happen beyond our cosmological horizon. From our own body membrane to the atmosphere, from a galactic cell to the mega-multiverse, we live within expanding and exploding bubbles – those bubbles being bombed by unpredictable particles of any sort, from neutrinos to meteors.
Each enlargement of our imago mundi twists a bit more the concept of immanence in all directions, becoming more and more flexible and making it harder to imagine how the laws of flux, energy outflow and infusion could induce metamorphosis. I propose for this lecture a journey within bubbles, a navigation through different layers of reality, exploring polysensorial and multidimensional art practice as a way to catalyze our relation to ‘Biosphere I’, the body-sphere and the cosmic-sphere. I will develop as well some of my newest researches about how and why embed art on long range human space flights, and about the impact of it on our grounded space experience.

Emmanuel L. Spinelli