In preparation for the coming end of the world, ALKU are releasing
their first publication:

Goodiepal “El Camino del Hardcore” (ALKU 83)
192 page book, full colour.

Link: http://bit.ly/ALKU83

In 2009 we started working with Kristian Vester (aka Gæoudjiparl) on a publication featuring some of his graphic notation work. Almost three years in the making, this epic work has become a 192 page long book which includes tons of challenging theory, brutally detailed illustration, mind-bending scores, obscure links, a long conversation between the Goodiepal and Roc Jiménez de Cisneros, and loads of Scandinavian fun to further expand the Goodiepal’s never-ending descent into the abyss of Radical Computer Music. Theory, illustration, conversation, scores within scores come in one hand in the most ambitious and crazy item ever in the ALKU catalogue. As the the Aarhus Warrior says, “Hardcore!”