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Pixelache Helsinki 2013 Festival

Pixelache festival 2013 is entitled ‘Facing North – Facing South’ and is organized as a dual-city event, both in Helsinki and Tallinn during 16-19 May 2013. If every North has its South and every South its North, this is an invitation to alternately face North and South from multiple points of views.

With this theme, Pixelache expands it’s on-going Signals from the South programme, that has focused on presenting media, art and technology projects from Africa, South America and Asia since 2009. It explores further the relationships between South and North, looking at these notions from various perspectives, including geo-political, cultural, economical, both on global, regional and local levels.

From a regional point of view, organizing part of the festival in Tallinn poses the question of what it means to bring these cultural actions across the water. Indeed, not only geographically, but also economically, Tallinn is still in the South of Helsinki. The term Talsinkihas in the past often been used by Estonians ‘to imply that the commercial centre of Tallinn has become the ‘Helsinkians’ living room’. On the other hand the biggest group of immigrants to Finland is Estonians, especially construction workers. There is an economical benefit from relocating South. Shall we and how, deal with this dissimmetry as a festival? Can we build something meaningful between both capitals, that would contribute realizing theTalsinki/Hellina twin city ambition as envisioned by the think tankDemos and the two cities themselves?

From a global point of view, relations between commonly understood North and South are even more complex. Various non-western initiatives have been encountered through the Pixelache Network during the past years and Pixelache has contributed to disseminate an approach strongly relying on the potential of open source, DIWO and peer-learning practices. At the time when many countries in Europe today are also starting to face the same water, energy and food dependency crisis than in the South, more than ever we should explore the ideas and initiatives emerging in the South and imagine new ways to tackle together these common issues.

We are now looking for organisations, groups or individuals who would like to organise a seminar and an exhibition for the Facing North – Facing South programme of Pixelache in Helsinki in 2013. For details about the open call, see below!




15.11. Talking Trash(lab) lecture by Cindy Kohtala (Aalto ARTS Design) from 17.30-19.00 at Aalto Media Factory

20.11Hybrid Sensor Network workshopapplication deadline

25.11.-1.12. ‘Light is History’Community Art Space at Hakaniementori

30.11.-3.12. Hybrid Sensor Network workshop led by Arctic Perspective Initiative


5.12. Open call deadline forPixelache Helsinki Festival 2013 Programme Planner

AV Research Process initiated by Irina Spicaka 

Irina Špičaka has joined Pixelache Helsinki this Autumn until May 2013 from Riga, to focus, within the context of the Pixelversity programme, as an electronic audio-visual performance culture researcher and developer.

As her first step, Irina initiated an online survey for live AV/VJ practitioners in the Nordic-Baltic and NE European context to help map out active participants in these regions, and see potential for future collaboration. Welcome to fill out or share the survey here(we will release the survey data in December). She is currently in dialogue with the artistic directors of AAVE Festival, to develop an educational partnership next Spring. Please return to theongoing research page to keep up with the process & contacts.

More info here >>

Call for Programme Planner Pixelache 2013

Pixelache Helsinki Festival 2013 is entitled ‘Facing North – Facing South’ and is organized as a dual-city event, both in Helsinki and Tallinn during16.-19. May 2013.

We are looking for organisations, groups or individuals who would like to organise a seminar and an exhibition for the Facing North – Facing South programme of Pixelache in Helsinki in 2013. We are hoping the Facing North – Facing South programme will bring interesting insights and points of views to the question of North-South relationships.

The deadline for applications is5th of December.

More information and the application form here >>

Talking Trash(lab)

The upcoming Talking Trash(lab) lecture in November is by Cindy Kohtala (Aalto ARTS Design) on Thursday 15.11. from 17.30-19.00 at Aalto Media Factory.

Titled ‘Sustainable Maker Culture: Angels and Demons’, Kohtala introduces her talk as following: “The Helsinki maker scene is small and fragmented but extremely active. Like everywhere, Finnish actors have different conceptions of what the Maker Movement actually is, and everyone brings in their own practices, motivations, and devils”.

She will present the conversations makers are having about fabricating, consuming, producing, living and throwing stuff away. This discussion will include summaries of previous Talking Trashlab lectures & other discussion events. Kohtala will also bring in perspectives on fab labs and digital fabrication from research on environmental issues.

More info here >>

Call for participants: Hybrid Sensor Network workshop 30.11.-3.12

This hands-on workshop led by Marko Peljhan & Matthew Biederman fromArctic Perspective Initiative(API), is organised by theFinnish Society of Bioart from Friday 30.11.- Monday 3.12. at Aalto Media Factory/FABLAB. There is a free, public presentation about API in Media Factory auditorium on Monday 3.12. at 11.00.

The workshop is the final component of ‘The Art of Gathering Environmental Data’ event-series within this year’s Pixelversity programme. The workshop will focus on the details of building a hybrid sensor network for harsh environments.

To find out more, click here!

Light is History

Light is History is a community-based energy art space. It is an initiative to engage citizens with issues of community well being and energy consumption in daily living through art and research. The project designed and implemented by Karthikeya Acharya &Samir Bhowmik aims for creating a community art installation using domestic electrical artifacts from the participants’ homes to be housed within custom made bright light therapy lamps. This project is planned during the autumnal month of November 2012, providing collective well being in the public space in the Kallio neighbourhood in Helsinki, Finland.

Acharya & Bhowmik have the permission to put up the installation during the last week of this month (25th Nov-1st Dec) at Hakaniementori (Hakaniemi Market Square). The daily engagement that will take place in the public space with the installation will be treated as daily dialogues. The actual lights come on between 17.00-19.00 every evening when coffee or glögi will be served. Welcome to visit and learn more from the webpages or following the Facebook group.