Art, cities and regeneration
Asia and Europe

After the successful first edition in 2011, Ramdom is proud to present the second edition of the project DEFAULT.

It is a biennial project conceived to address following key questions:

How do we interact within the framework of broader governmental policies concerning urban regeneration? How can we tackle the increasingly politicised policies that underpin cultural endeavours in revitalising urban centres and neighbourhoods? Do artists, curators and art managers have to default to the increasingly unfeasible regeneration practices entrenched in cultural structures because there are no alternatives given?

The project was born at a time when art workers, policy makers and cultural managers are confronted with mass funding cuts in the public sector. As the art and cultural communities face the disappearance of cultural regeneration projects, DEFAULT 13 proposes to face the uncertain future of such projects.

Particularly, the new 2013 edition is a collaborative project between European and Asian cultural institutions, focusing on the promotion of knowledge exchange concerning curatorial and artistic practices between the two continents.

DEFAULT 13 is organised by Ramdom (Lecce, Italy) in collaboration with Arthub Asia (Shanghai, China) and with the support of the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), Arts Network Asia (ANA) and Trans Europe Halles (TEH) as part of the programme Creative Encounters: Cultural Partnerships between Asia and Europe.

DEFAULT 13 is a multipart project, composed by :

1. the DEFAULT 13  Masterclass in residence. Asia _Europe (Lecce, Italy);

2. several international collateral events;

3. the production of artistic urban regeneration proposals;

4. a final publication.

Each action is described beow.


Several are the international guests involved and invited to participate to DEFAULT 13 and give their contribution to the debate. Among them: Lewis Biggs (UK), former director of the Biennale of Liverpool; Charles Esche (UK), director of Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven (Netherlands); Andrea Lissoni (Italy), Xing and curator at Hangar Bicocca; Davide Quadrio (China), curator, producer director and founder of Arthub Asia; Paolo Mele (Italy), director of RAMDOM; Filipa Ramos (Portugal), writer and art critic; Adeline Ooi (Malaysia), curator at Rogue Art; Roberto Paci Dalò (Italy), artist, composer; Alessio Antoniolli (Italy), director of Gasworks in London; Francesca Girelli (Italy), curator at Arthub Asia; Bert de Muynck and  Mónica Carriço of Moving Cities (China); Heba Amin (Egypt), artist; Rori Knudtson (Norway), director School of Critical Engagement; Steen Andersen (Denmark), PB43; Oleg Koefoed (Denmark), co-director of Cultura21; Desire Machine Colle quellctive (India) Viviana Checchia (Italy) curator at Vessel, Anna Santomauro (Italy) curator at Vessel, , Rachel Marsden (UK), curator – Chinese Arts Centre of Manchester.


Other guests will be annonced soon.


The single actions:

1. DEFAUL 13 Masterclass in residence: Asia_Europe (17th -26th September 2013, Lecce, Italy)

DEFAULT 13’s core is a Masterclass residency in Lecce (Southern Italy) that focuses on the role and perspectives of public art and its implications for the social, urban context as a tool for socio-cultural transformation.

Eighteen creatives and artists (9 from Asia and 9 from Europe), selected through an international open call, will be given the opportunity to discuss and try to answer the question “What is next in art, cities and regeneration?”

For ten days, participants will develop their research approach in intensive workshops and seminar sessions, they will expand their networks and exchange know-how with the support of a residency curator, and they will meet international leading curators, artists, art managers and representatives of cultural and artistic organisations from both Europe and Asia.

In attempt to deepen Western and Eastern perspectives on artistic and cultural practices, DEFAULT 13 aims to build a bridge between Europe and Asia involving artists and professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds within debates about culture and artistic production.

The Masterclass will increase the possibilities in which people can create art by sharing ideas and experiences in order to develop and nurture new collaborations and networks.

The call for applications will be launched on 27th March 2013.


2. International collateral events

Six collateral events will be organised between April and October 2013 in six different cities across Europe and Asia. The events will address the state-of-the-art of the practices adopted in the contemporary art fields in Asia, and the their direct and indirect interplay within the European contemporary art practices.

The panels will be open to local audiences with the aim of increasing the awareness of the social role of art by sharing the experiences of skilled professionals and by developing and strengthening an international platform that fosters mobility and international collaborations.

Moreover, the specific case studies and examples presented by the invited lecturers will be shared through the implementation of an online platform that will allow further discussions and in-depth reflections.

The first public panel will take place in Shanghai on 16th April 2013. The panel, organised by Arthub Asia and hosted by K11, will welcome lecturers Davide Quadrio (founder of Arthub Asia), Paolo Mele (president of Ramdom) and Lewis Biggs (Curator, Folkestone Triennial 2014 and Curator, Aichi Triennale 2013), Bert de Muynch and  Mónica Carriço of Moving Cities (China).

More information on the other events will be available soon on Ramdom’s and Arthub’s websites, and


3. Production of project proposals

Applicants to the Masterclass in residence are asked to submit a creative/artist proposal addressing the question “What’s next in art, cities and regeneration?”.

The selected artists and creatives are expected to improve, modify, and adapt their initial proposal according to the input they will receive during the Masterclass.

The Selecting Committee will carefully evaluate the presented projects according to following criteria: general presentation, creative vision, innovation, potential to engage the audience, relevance of the project to the Masterclass’s topics, and feasibility.

Some of the best revised project proposals will be produced by Ramdom and Manifatture Knos (Lecce, Italy) after the conclusion of the Masterclass.


4. Final publication.

A publication presenting DEFAULT 13 project and the Masterclass in residences’s content, the participating artists, and their works, statements and proposals will be edited and made available in the months following the Masterclass.


DEFAULT 13 is organized by RAMDOM association (Lecce, Italy) and curated by Arthub Asia (Shanghai, China).

It is presented in collaboration with Gasworks (UK), Rogue Art Asia (Malaysia), Made in Carcere (Italy), Manifatture Knos (Italy), Cultura21 (Denmark), the School of Critical Engagement (Denmark), PB43 (Denmark), Vessel (Italy), the Region of Apulia (Italy), the Municipality of Lecce (Italy).

This project is supported by the program Creative Encounters: Cultural Partnerships between Asia and Europe, promoted by the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) and Arts Network Asia (ANA), in collaboration with Trans Europe Halles (TEH).

This project supports the candidature of “Lecce Capital of Culture 2019” .


For more information, please contact:

Ramdom association


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