SCREENGRAB | New Media Arts Prize 
•Application Deadline 


SCREENGRAB is now entering its fifth year with an international call out for the AUS$5000 New Media Arts Prize and the companion exhibition in July/August 2013 for short listed applicants. We invite digital practitioners working in screen based media to submit works on the theme of AMBIENCE. 

All forms of screen based media are encouraged including multi-channel video, digital illustration, audio sculpture, photography, generative media, 2D & 3D animation. 

Existing works and those specifically designed for the award must address the theme of AMBIENCE to be eligible for the New Media Arts award.

Prize Money: AUS $5000 

Artefact deadline: July 1 

Exhibition Opening & Award announcement : July 26 

Application Form : 

This project is sponsored by James Cook University’s School of Creative Arts and the eMerge Gallery.