Flossie 2013

Flossie 2013 brings together FLOSS women developers, entrepreneurs, researchers and policy-makers, digital artists and social innovators for an exciting mix of talks, spontaneous discussions and open workshops. Flossie 2013 brings the benefits of open thinking to artist and entrepreneurs and the insights of diverse innovators to FLOSS development.

Flossie 2013 is a two-day event for women who use or are otherwise interested in opening and diversifying technology to drive innovation, to share and inspire. For us, diversity is the solution – not the problem!

Download the Flossie 2013 programme and Get your tickets here!

Find out more about the CodeSprint and Internet of Things strands and contact us if you’d like to participate.

If you can’t make it to London find out about remote participation in the Codesprint and sign up for your remote ticket

Who is this event for?

In a word, ‘anyone’. However, the event is organised around a common commitment to celebrating and enabling womens contribution to FLOSS culture and, therefore talks, workshops and exhibitions will be by women only (specifically including trans and genderqueer women) but men are welcome to attend the event if they have an interest in the gendering of technology. In particular, Flossie 2013 will be of interest to:

  • Women users of FLOSS in digital arts, free culture, and social movements
  • Women coders and developers
  • Coders and advocates of open knowledge, open data, open education and open research
  • Researchers, students and writers
  • Women entrepreneurs, not-for-profits, and social innovators

Whether you code, tinker, use FLOSS in your projects, want to explore open alternatives, or just want to change the world, all women are welcome – from expert to novice, or anywhere in between. Flossie 2013 is a chance to showcase your project, share skills, find inspiration, or talk about something which really interests you. We’re also scheduling plenty of time to network, share and build on ideas, and to meet new friends and old. Both days will contain micro-talks and birds of a feather sessions, as well as longer and more structured workshops and discussions. We will also be showcasing an exhibition of digital artwork.

Flossie 2013 Themes:

Women and an ‘internet of things’

Technologies of the future will have an increasingly important social element – the future is unfolding at the interface between social vision and a technologically ‘smarter’, networked world in which smart phones, smart homes, wearable devices, domotics and ambient interfaces communicate with other devices but also to ‘sense’ human movement and be able to use data about us to learn and adapt to our preferences. But is this technological future gendered?

  • Talks on any topic related to this theme – including gendering technologies, open data, privacy, vulnerability, domestic domain, design
  • Skills/creativity workshops ( and, makey makey, soft-circuit boards), libre-graphics 3D design and printing, open data, small data, GIS

Open Collaborative Communities – CodeSprint

Open Collaborative Communities are rapidly evolving facilitated by open technologies and engaged in diverse creative endeavours and activities:

  • open on-line collaborative communities for coding (FLOSS projects) CodeSprint
  • open learning (MOOCs)
  • open knowledge creation and management (Wikipedians etc)
  • open music making (the SuperCollider community etc)
  • open financial systems (e.g. , Positive Money etc)

Submissions now closed but you can still sign up to participate in the IoT participatory design project or the CodeSprint: contact us and tell us you’d like to participate so we can help you prepare.

Further Information

If you have any questions regarding this event, please contact us We’ve pulled together information about accommodation for a range of budgets, and directions to the venue.Please note our diversity and anti-harassment policy.