Detection NYC. Sonic Archaeology Workshop at Harvestworks 5/6 April

$B!H(BThe pick was [then] used to hammer on the surface, and by this 
the Angle Ditch was discovered. The sound produced by hammering on an
excavated part is much deeper than on an undisturbed surface, a
circumstance worth knowing when exploring a grass-grown downland,
though not applicable to cultivated ground.$B!I(B $(Q#|(B [Augustus Pitt
Rivers. Excavations in Cranborne Chase. Volume IV. 1895]

This two day workshop, guided by Martin Howse, will equip participants
with a range of practical techniques for audible, forensic examination
of both the material and immaterial.

A series of experimental situations will be constructed, investigating
materials through audible excitation, transformation and detection
including ultrasound, light modulation, surface playback, and
electrochemistry. The workshop will also examine classical techniques
for the study of electronic voice phenomena (EVP), and suggest new
detection strategies.

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