International Connecting Cities Conference
@ Montréal

International Connecting Cities Conference
26 – 28 May 2014, Phi Centre Montréal, Canada

MUTEK Festival
27 May – 1 June 2014, Montréal, Canada
The Connecting Cities Network is proud to announce the first International Connecting Cities Conference, which will be taking place this spring during the 15th anniversary ofMUTEK in Montréal from 26 to 28 May 2014.

Bringing together international experts from the field of urban media art, the symposium combines keynote presentations, workshops and panel discussions that explore three city visions: The Networked City, The Participatory City, and The Visible City. Furthermore, together with Montréal’s Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles, we discuss Montréal’s need for an urban digital laboratory in the context of the city’s recent efforts to gain Smart City status. Finally, the members of the Connecting Cities Network present manifestations of urban digital creativity from their various cultural contexts, from Berlin to Melbourne, from Sao Paulo to New York City.
The Montréal programme will also contain the 2014 CCN curators’ workshop.
As a follow-up, we strongly encourage you to plan a stay in Montréal from 25 May to 1 June to participate in the MUTEK festival and many other events of Montréal’s first Printemps numérique!
Picture: © Mutek

Connecting Cities Lab @ Brussels

13 – 21 June 2014, Brussels, Belgium

11 May: Open call deadline
16 May: Publication of the selected projects
13 – 14 June: Public symposium
15 – 20 June: Production workshop
20 (evening) & 21 June: Public presentation of the projects in Brussels, Belgium

In the framework of the European project Connecting Cities: Participatory City 2014,iMAL (Brussels) organises an Urban Media Lab masterclass. A range of events from Symposium, to masterclass, a 6 days workshop led by the artist Luciano Pinna and by the Connecting Cities’ artist Ali Momeni & urban interventions will be held from mid-May to mid-June.

Look here at our partner iMAL Brussels for more information about the program and the open call for projects open until May 11.

Picture: © Kimmo Mustonen

New Connecting Cities Network Partners

The Connecting Cities Network is growing!  Please welcome our new partners thexm:lab, (Saarbruecken, Germany), Etopia Center for Art & Technology (Zaragoza, Spain), Sapporo Media Art Lab (Sapporo, Japan), The Concourse (Sydney, Australia).

We are proud that these 4 institutions enlarge and enrich our network, helping to spread artistic projects and the idea of Connecting Cities.

Picture: © Public Art Lab

CC Event #1 @ São Paulo

Play! 2014
7 – 30 April 2014, São Paulo, Brazil

The second version of Play! at the Galeria de Arte Digital do SESI Media Facade is soon going to end. Here some impressions of our CC Event #1 with the Participatory City project the Street Crosser from Noobware & Nutune.

Picture: © verve cultural

CC Event #2 @ Riga

Blank Canvas Street Art Festival
13 – 17 May 2014, Riga, Latvia

CC Workshop Suse Miessner
14 May 2014, Riga, Latvia
From May 13 – 17, 2014 the Blank Canvas street art festival is going to place in Riga and gather both local and foreign street artists to work on a range of walls in Riga, as well as highlight and explain the meaning of street art for a wider public. In the framework of Blank Canvas the Participatory City artist Suse Miessner will show her project Urban Alphabet and conduct a workshop on the 14 May to explore the city discover, document and map the diversity of type, tags and lettering.

Picture: © Medialab-Prado


This year’s ‘Art of Engineering’ award goes to…
the Constitute for their Networked City project ‘Ready to Cloud’, which was curated and produced by Public Art Lab!

FERCHAU awarded projects between art and technology, with special focus on the topic ‘liquid Space’. Congratulations to the Berlin-based collective, who received the first prize for ‘Ready to Cloud’ and made the third rank with their EYEsect/an Out-of-Body-Apparatus.

Read more about the award and the project here or on Creators’ Project!

Picture: © The Constitute

C … what it takes to change @ Linz

4 – 8 September 2014, LinzAustria
C like creativity, catalysts, community, Connecting Cities?
This year’s Ars Electronica Festival theme is “C … what it takes to change”. The festival set for September 4-8 is an inquiry into the prerequisites and framework conditions necessary to enable social innovation and renewal to emerge and make an impact. The focus will be on art as catalyst.
From September 4th to 8th, Ars Electronica will once again be a setting for reciprocal exchange and networking, a one-of-a-kind forum in which perspectives and opinions are negotiated and presented in the form of speeches, artistic installations, performances and interventions. It will be taking place at multiple locations throughout the city, in established artistic venues and public spaces alike.
Find more information here!

Picture: © Tom Mesic

Programa La Plaza Open Call

Deadline: 30 April 2014
Your project on the media façade of the Medialab-Prado in Madrid?
Sure! You have a few more days to submit your project. Join the Programa la Plaza project by Sergio Galan and Victor Díaz and freely program a sequence for the 15 meters-wide Medialab-Prado screen.
Find more information and the program instructions here!

Picture: © Medialab-Prado

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