thurs−Sun, May 1−4, 2014
Linux Audio Conference
The Open Source Music and Audio Conference

Lectures, Workshops, Concerts, Installations
ZKM | Karlsruhe, whole day, admission free, but registrationrequested

The 12th Linux Audio Conference (LAC) is scheduled to take place at the ZKM | Karlsruhe in spring 2014. The Conference brings together software developers, artists, musicians, composers and users who work with Linux and Open Source software.

Over four day period, discussions will be held in connection with a series of lectures, presentations and workshops on developments in the field of music production in Linux. Electro-acoustic works composed with Open Source software will be performed in several concerts. As part of “Playrooms” and “Soundnight” there will also be several live performances produced with the use of Open Source software, ranging from improvisation and club-compatible sounds.

The Conference was brought into being at the ZKM in collaboration with developers in the Linux audio community between 2003 and 2006. Since then, it has been pursued by renowned institutions within Europe and the USA, and is now, once again, about to ‘return home’ in 2014.

Thurs−Sat, May 1−3, 2014, each 2−6 pm

    • Lightune.G (Miodrag Gladović, Bojan Gagić): Lighterature Reading: Chapter 12


    • Louise Harris: Indusium
    • Hanspeter Portner: CHIMAERA − The Poly-Magneto-Phonic Theremin
    • Wolfgang Spahn: Bild einer Ausstellung [picture of an exhibition] − An Installation of Audio/Visual Interferences

    Thursday, May 1, 2014
    from 10 am Keynote/Lectures at the ZKM_Media Theater
    10.00 am   Götz Dipper, Frank Neumann, Jochen Arne Otto, Robin Gareus: Conference Welcome
    10.30 am   Jörn Nettingsmeier: (Keynote)
    11.45 am   Albert Gräf: A TouchOSC MIDI Bridge for Linux
    2.00 pm   David Robillard: LV2 Atoms − A Data Model for Real-Time Audio Plugins
    2.45 pm   Funs Seelen: Muditulib, a Multi-Dimensional Tuning Library
    3.30 pm   Winfried Ritsch: Towards Message-Based Audio Systems
    4.30 pm   Florian Meier, Marco Fink, Udo Zölzer: The JamBerry − A Stand-Alone Device for Networked Music Performance Based on the Raspberry Pi
    5.15 pm   Jürgen Reuter: Case Study − Building an Out Of The Box Raspberry Pi Modular Synthesizer

    from 2 pm Workshops at the ZKM_Lecture Hall
    2 pm   Bart Brouns: A Realtime Synthesizer Controlled by Singing and Beatboxing (60 Min.)
    2.45 pm   Bent Bisballe Nyeng: DrumGizmo Drumkit Creation Workshop (135 Min.)

    8 pm Concert I at the ZKM_Cube

      • Anthony Di Furia: Through the Space of Crying


      • Patrick Hartono: The Complete Series of Kecapi (2012−2013)
      • José Rafael Subía Valdez: Chiral − for Piano & Electronics
        (Piano: Rei Nakamura)
      • Giorgio Klauer: Haar
      • Louise Harris: sys_m1
      • Martin Hünniger: Spaces



      Friday, May 2, 2014
      from 10 am Lectures/Lightning Talks at the ZKM_Media Theater
      10.00 am   Renick Bell: Experimenting with a Generalized Rhythmic Density Function for Live Coding
      10.45 am   Antonio Goulart: Live-Coding-DJing with Mixxx and SuperCollider
      11.30 am   Robin Gareus: Audio Signal Visualization and Measurement
      11.40 am   Jürgen Reuter: Exploiting Coloured Hearing for Research on Acoustic Perception
      11.50 am   Matthieu Amiguet: Using KMI’s SoftStep Foot Controller with Linux
      12.00 pm   Gianfranco Ceccolini, Mauricio Dwek: Meet MOD!
      2.00 pm   Harry van Haaren: Field Report on the OpenAV Release System
      2.45 pm   Edward Costello, Victor Lazzarini, Steven Yi, John ffitch: Csound on the Web
      3.30 pm   Sebastian Kraft, Udo Zölzer: BeaqleJS − HTML5 and JavaScript based Framework for the Subjective Evaluation of Audio Quality
      4.30 pm   Mike Solomon, Dominique Fober, Yann Orlarey, Stéphane Letz: Providing Music Notation Services over Internet
      5.15 pm   Myles Borins: From Faust to Web Audio: Compiling Faust to JavaScript Using Emscripten

      from 10 am Workshops at the ZKM_Cube
      10.00 am Gabriel Nordeborn, Jörn Nettingsmeier: Groovin’ High − Remixing Music in Full-Sphere Surround (90 Min.)
      11.30 am Jan Jacob Hofmann: Workshop on Blue-Environment for Higher Order Ambisonic Spatialisation and Spatial Granular Synthesis in Csound (60 Min.)
      2.00 pm David Wagner: Exploring the Zirkonium MK2 Toolkit for Sound Spatialization (75 Min.)

      from 2 pm Workshops at the ZKM_Lecture Hall
      3.15 pm Louigi Verona: Project “droning” (60 Min.)
      4.30 pm Harry van Haaren: OpenAV Workshop (60 Min.)

      8 pm Concert II at the ZKM_Cube

      • Panayiotis Kokoras: Magic
      • Michael Edwards: anonymous obvious
      • Sean Reed: More Than Is Wise
      • Sean Reed: Orion
      • Ludger Brümmer: Glasharfe

      10 pm Concert Playroom at the ZKM_Music Balcony

      • Jürgen Reuter: Random Noise − Concert for Sound Column Four Hands
      • Bruno Ruviaro & Carr Wilkerson: Vowelscape 1.0
      • Mauricio Valdés & Jure Pohleven: DNA Sequencer
      • Bruno Ruviaro & Juan-Pablo Caceres: Panela de Pressão
      • Louise Harris: intervention:coaction:
      • Elektronengehirn (Malte Steiner): Concert reqPZ


      Saturday, May 3, .2014
      from 10 am Lectures at the ZKM_Media Theater
      10 am   Aaron Heller, Eric Benjamin: The Ambisonic Decoder Toolbox
      10.45 am   IOhannes zmölnig, Christian Schörkhuber, Markus Zaunschirm: WiLMA − A Wireless Large-Scale Microphone Array
      2.00 pm   Miller Puckette: Processes in Real-Time Computer Music (45 Min.)
      2.45 pm   Sarah Denoux, Stéphane Letz, Yann Orlarey, Dominique Fober: FAUSTLIVE − Just-In-Time Faust Compiler… and much more
      3.45 pm   Anders Vinjar, Jean Bresson: OpenMusic on Linux
      4.30 pm   Kjetil Matheussen: Radium − A Music Editor Inspired by the Music Tracker
      5.15 pm   Götz Dipper, Frank Neumann, Jochen Arne Otto, Robin Gareus: Closing Ceremony

      from 10 am Workshops at the ZKM_Lecture Hall
      10.00 am Rui Nuno Capela: Qstuff* Past, Present, Future and Beyond (90 Min.)
      2.00 pm Fons Adriaensen: Audio Measurements Using Free Software and Some Simple Hardware (180 Min.)

      11.30 am−12.30 pm
      Poster session at the ZKM_Foyer

      • Romain Michon: Mephisto − an Open Source WIFI OSC Controller for Faust Applications
      • Matthieu Amiguet, Barbara Minder: Linux as a Low-Latency, Rock-Stable Live Performance System
      • Yan Michalevsky, Julius Smith, Andrew Best: Extending the Faus VST Architecture with Polyphony, Portamento and Pitch Bend
      • Hanspeter Portner: Routing Open Sound Control Messages via Vanilla JACK to build Low-Latency Event Translator/Filter Chains and Map Unconventional Controller Data to Musical Ev ents
      • James Topliss, Victor Zappi, Andrew McPherson: Latency Performance for Real-Time Audio on BeagleBone Black
      • Neil Funk: Music Feature Extraction and Clustering with Hadoop and MARSYAS

      8 pm Concert III at the ZKM_Cube

      • Luis Valdivia: Xaev1uox
      • Florian Hartlieb: Out of the Fridge
      • Fernando Lopez-Lezcano: Divertimento de Cocina
      • Clemens von Reusner: rooms without walls
      • Ali Ostovar: A Thin Light Behind the Fog
      • Bernardo Barros & Mário del Nunzio: Improvisation

      10 pm Concert Soundnight at the ZKM_Music Balcony

      • Wolfgang Spahn: ENTROPIE
      • Renick Bell: Algorave Improvisation
      • Tiny Boats (Jason Jones & Jesse Crowley): Burn in the Sun
      • Yan Michalevsky: Locum Meum
      • Unsound Scientist (Amos Przekaza): Selected Works
      • Yen Tzu Chang: Self-luminous2 − Unbalance
      • Bart Brouns: The WOP Machine
      • William Light: visinin − Modern Electronic Club Music
      • Jakub Pišek: Turbosampler
      • Jeremy Jongepier: The Infinite Repeat
      • Superdirt² (Vincent Rateau & Daniel Fritzsche): Live Performance


      Sunday, May 4, 2014
      11.00 am
      Excursion to the Deutsches Musikautomaten Museum (DMM)
      [German Museum of Mechanical Musical Instruments], Bruchsal

      ZKM | Karlsruhe in cooperation mit, ZTH Music and CiTu Univ 8