The Media Arts and Technology program (MAT) at UC Santa Barbara presents:

MAT 595M Seminar Series

Next Monday, we have:

Dr. Rosanne Altstatt, New Media Art Historian

Monday,  October 20, 2014, 12pm

Engineering Science Building, room 2001

Free to public. coffee will be served.

Art institutions tell stories of art, but what is their voice in
technoculture?s information-filled atmosphere? As the former artistic
director of the Edith Russ Haus for Media Art, Rosanne Altstatt has
listened closely to the media art institution and worked to develop its
voice. In this talk, Altstatt employs metaphors of aurality toward a
notion of the institution as an individual agent or entity in a
technocultural atmosphere that, like sound, surrounds one from all
directions. The art institution is envisioned as a ?silent acousm?tre,? a
voice with no human body that is authoritative in its impression of
omniscience while it simultaneously invites interested publics into its
arena with artists and artworks. The aural personality of the
institution?s architecture and its program produce an ?inter-reactive?
zone in which those who enter, however peripherally, influence the
permeable ?atmosphere? of its social space. As a contemporary art space
with the added complexity of being dedicated to presenting the perspective
of media art and theory, the media art institution is acutely aware of
itself within technoculture?s atmosphere.


Rosanne Altstatt is an art historian who specialized in new media. She
teaches curating and art history in Purdue?s Honors College and is Dean?s
Fellow in its National and International Scholarships Office. Her
curatorial projects include a broad span of media art, a microradio
station, a compendium of short graphic novels on the subject of cancer,
and an exhibition of vernacular studio photography that is now in
preparation. She was the inaugural Artistic Director of the Edith Russ
Site for Media Art in Oldenburg, Germany from 2001 through 2004,
Curator-Director of Videonale in Bonn, Germany from 1994 to 2001, and
Co-curator of the independent exhibition space Schnitt Ausstellungsraum in
2001. Dr. Altstatt wrote the first dissertation on the media art
institution and a monographic survey on video pioneer Steina Vasulka as a
master?s thesis. She has taught curating, art history, and mentored
artists at several institutions including Carl-von-Ossietzky University,
Maine College of Art, University of the Arts ZHdK, and Merzakademie.

We look forward to seeing you at the seminar next Monday!

J. Cecilia Wu

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