1. McKenzie Wark | Digital Labor and the Anthropocene (marc garrett)

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McKenzie Wark | Digital Labor and the Anthropocene

ed. Marvin Jordan

McKenzie Wark is author of A Hacker Manifesto, The Spectacle of
Disintegration, the forthcoming I?m Very Into You ? a correspondence
with the late Kathy Acker ? and Molecular Red, among other books. The
following transcript is taken from a recent talk delivered at the
Digital Labor conference presented by The New School.

I want to start with the proposition that in a place like New York City,
we live in the over-developed world. Somehow we overshot some point of
transformation. A transformation that didn?t happen, perhaps couldn?t
happen. But in having failed to take that exit, we end up in some state
of over-development. In the over-developed world, the commodity economy
is feeding on itself, cannibalizing itself.

There is course an under-developed world, sometimes in intimate
proximity to the over-developed one. You can find it even here in New
York City. One can critique the orientalism of the fact that Willets
Point, Queens is known among New Yorkers as ?little Calcutta?, but it
really is a place without paved roads, running water, and with mostly
off the books, illegal or precarious jobs.