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Call for ideas for sharing field research to test out in Madagascar.
Please distribute widely to any people or students who might have
interesting or fun ideas for us to try!

Brian Fisher, the chair of entomology at the California Academy of
Sciences, and I have teamed up for a little project called
“Dissemination Lab.” and would like to hear what fun ideas you can think

Brian runs a field station in Madagascar. This year he will be renting
out some satellite internet connectivity to this remote site when he
goes down there in Feb-March 2015.

We want you to help brainstorm new ways of sharing the research and
experiences they encounter in the field.

Toss in whatever new, technical, or just weird ideas you want and we’ll
try to test them out in the field!

Submit your ideas here:

Examples like:
-tweet a drawing every 5 minutes for 24 hours
-Stream and annotate your fitbit data from a couple days in the field
-Put on and film a theatrical play in the field with your Animals
-Try to 3D scan your field site with a kinect at night
-Record yourself making a pizza in the evening that conveys what
activities you did in the field that day
-Make a google street-view like interface of the trails you work on
-interactive insect sonic map: google map with playable insect sound
samples mapped to specific locations

We are looking for ideas that can let us connect people on other parts
of the world with the Animals, and Environment we are working in, and
the research Practices and Activities we do in the field.

Thanks for your help! Share this around to any who might be interested
in contributing a fun idea!



Andrew James Quitmeyer
Digital Naturalism PhD Candidate