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Posted: 18 Dec 2014 05:26 AM PST

Hi Everyone, Today we are announcing a happy news in CircuitsToday. We are launching an Online Store at Store.CircuitsToday.com We will be Live from today, 18th December 2014. We are launching with only 8051 Micro controller based Project Kits for Engineering Students and Hobbyists. We will be adding more inventories very soon in our online shop. You can expect popular and commonly used products for sale in coming months. WE WILL BE SELLING MAJOR ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS DEVELOPMENT KITS  PROGRAMMERS  EVALUATION BOARDS  SENSORS and IC’S  ARDUINO’s and RASPBERRY PI’s  PROJECT KIT for STUDENTS and HOBBYISTS   WE OFFER   HIGH QUALITY…

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Gas Leakage Detector using 8051

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Quick Overview

8051 based gas detection system is a prototype of the industrial gas detector system. The system is equipped with an MQ sensor which can sense the presence of LPG. The sensor detects the presence of LPG and alerts the microcontroller. The microcontroller then perform the plant shutdown option if necessary. The system consists of a relay which is meant to shut down the plant if gas is present. Necessary warnings are displayed on the LCD. The user can set the desired trigger level, that is, the gas intensity point at which the shutdown should take place by adjusting the potentiometer in the system.

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