Janek Schaefer - That was the year that was


Private View: Thursday 7 November, 6-9 pm Exhibition opens Friday 8 November and continues until 14 December 2013 GV Art Gallery, 49 Chiltern Street, Marylebone, London W1U 6LY

Artists include; Alex Baker, Bill Nelson, Blanca Regina, Clay Gold, Dan Tapper, Disinformation, Eléonore Pironneau, Iris Garrelfs, Jacqui Stewart, James Andean, Janek Schaefer, Jon Adams, Josh Horsley, Karen Gustafson, Kate Carr, Kevin Logan, Mark Peter Wright, Martin A. Smith, Matthias Kispert, Mendel Kaelen, Merja Nieminen, Random Order Collective, raxil4, Riz Maslen, Robin Storey, Simon Coates, Stephen Chase, Susan Alexjander, Susan Walsh, Thomas Finbarr, Thomas McConville, Wajid Yaseen, Yann Novak and Zahra Jewanjee. The term “sound art” was first used in 1983 by William Hellerman for an exhibition at The Sculpture Center in New York by the Sound Art Foundation, but the argument of what constitutes music, sound, art and noise has been continuing for centuries. GV Art continues this discussion in its forthcoming exhibition NOISE and whispers, which uniquely considers the fusion of sound, art and science by bringing together the work of over 30 international contemporary artists.