ArtFutura London 2019


ArtFutura – Processing the Future

RichMix + Iklectik

Saturday 30 November & Sunday 01 December 2019

ArtFutura reaches its thirtieth edition in more than twenty cities, including: Alicante, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Cádiz, Cancún, Dakar, Ibiza, London, Madrid, México, Montevideo and Shanghai. In these thirty years ArtFutura has established itself as one of the most important international events dedicated to Digital Art, Virtual Reality and Computer Networks.
•ArtFutura is organized as a network festival where all cities share the same audiovisual program, catalogue and web.
•ArtFutura’s audiovisual program analyses the state of digital creativity by presenting the latest in 3D animation, motion graphics and
everything related to new aesthetics.

Alejandro Sacristán
Today we live in the present future more than ever. We are right in the middle of two great crossroads that will determine the future. We talk about the Anthropocene and a new phase in human evolution, augmented and reconnected by technology. Convinced that transformative technology must be centred on the human being, as we have anticipated in Humanized Technology and as we have always done throughout these 30 years, the future collective intelligence augmented by technology will become in a few years a
deep global mind already announced by Terence McKenna at ArtFutura 92. Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence and Internet (IoT) will converge to create Collective Artificial Intelligence, whose language will be virtual reality and neurodigital telepathy.
The collective immersion allows the fusion of people and the world into a whole. This will be the future, a world of expanded reality.

ArtFuturaLondon 2019 EVENTS PROGRAMME

With artists’ talks, AV program, live AV performance, workshops, Q&A, exhibition, concerts and networking sessions. With xname, David Strang, Nicola Plant , Terry Trickett, Lia Mice + They Said They Saw, Richard Evans SENTINEL, Rumblesan+ Heavy Lifting, KimaticaStudio and Anna Nazo.

Saturday 30 November 2019 Iklectik
12:30 Artist Talk -xname
13:00 Artist Talk -David Strang
13:30 Artist Talk -Nicola Plant
14:00 Artist Talk -Terry Trickett

Saturday 30 November 2019 RichMix
19:30 AV program -Premiere
20:40 Live AV set They Said They Saw & Lia Mice
21:30 Live AV performance Richard Evans SENTINEL
22:20 Live Coding: Rumblesan+ Heavy Lifting
23:10 AV program -Artworks

Sunday 01 December 2019 Iklectik
12:00 Workshop -Heath Bunting
16:00 AV program –FuturaGraphics
17:10 Artist Talk –Kimatica Studio
18:00 Q&A session –Richard Evans SENTINEL
18:30 Live AV Performance –Anna Nazo
19:10 AV program -3D FuturaShow

They Said They Saw & Lia Mice -Live AV set
These frequent collaborators will be displaying ’Space Invaders -X-Wing Series”. The main central alien-like figures move in a way that defies our conception of organic movement due to their unique and distinctive behaviour, with monochrome tones and patterns.
The visuals will be reacting to Lia Mice’s live experimental industrial-infused dance music. The live set-up will feature a large-scale gesturally performed instrument she created inspired by research in instrument design technology. Releasing on Optimo Music, the artist has performed and exhibited worldwide at venues including Tate Modern London, Museum of Arts and Design New York and WOMB Tokyo.

Richard Evans -SENTINEL –Live AV Performance / Q&A
Electronic music composer Richard Evans presents SENTINEL, a spectacular audiovisual show inspired by the planet’s most urgent issue -climate change. An original soundtrack of analogue synths, electro-rhythms & live vocals accompanies data visualisations from award-winning artist Valentina D’efilippo, video content and laser lighting for this captivating event. SENTINEL is developed with support from Arts Council England, Manchester Science Festival and Waterside Arts. A SENTINEL album will be released for download from Autumn 2019. His projects take inspiration from real-world science to explore biotechnology, machine intelligence and the environment.

Live Coding: Rumblesan+ Heavy Lifting –Live AV Performance
Rumblesanis interested in the cross over of code with art and music, and have created or been involved with a number of projects along these lines. He is one half of LiveCodeLab, a duo doing live coded audiovisual performances at venues ranging from boat and warehouse parties to the London ScienceMuseum.
Lucy Cheesmanmakes sound installations as part of creative collective SONA and performs solo live coded music using open source software as Heavy Lifting and in collaboration as TYPE. She also runs a record label called Pickled Discs which is dedicated to promoting experimental electronic sounds.

Kimatica Studio –Artist Talk
Maria Almena is a Spanish London-based creative director and a multimedia artist, co-founder of the creative studio, KimaticaStudio, and art curator of Flux events. Maria’s practice research is exploring concepts of human consciousness and perception, making those transcendental ideas accessible to a modern audience, to inspire reconnection with magical thinking. She is fascinated by the juxtaposition of the physical and spiritual, the virtual and real worlds, playing with perceptions aiming to transport the viewer into new worlds, using experimental technologies that help to dramatize the transition between different states of being and highlighting the importance of the journey in itself.

Anna Nazo–Live AV Performance
Anna Nazois a performance artist working at the intersection of art, science, philosophy and computing technologies. Within live digital-physical performance, Anna Nazo’swork operates using spoken words/poetics that are co-written with AI in combination with drone, brainwave performance and CGI.
Anna Nazobrings in the performance poetics, brain waves frequencies and the drone embodied to manifest multidimensional supra-sensuous encounters, parrhesiastictruth-telling ethics, and the AI-drone-human holobiontswhich enable quantum ghosting.
Anna Nazois currently a candidate for PhD in Fine Art (Performance), at the Royal College of Art, London, with Stelarcas external advisor.


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