ArtFutura 2018 London

Stour Space

7 Roach Road, Hackney Wick, London E3 2PA

+44 (0) 2089857827



Thursday 22nd November 2018

19:00     Doors

20:00     Artist Talk Paul Friedlander

21:00     Premiere (1h) + Digital creatures (15min)

22:00    Live AV performance – Claude Heiland-Allen


Friday 23rd November 2018

19:00     Doors

20:00     Futura graphics (1h)

21:00     Futura show (1h)

22:00     Live AV performance – Mowgli and the slate pipe banjo draggers


Saturday 24rd November 2018

19:00     Doors

20:00     Artworks (40min)

21:00     Schools (1h)

22:00     Live AV performance – Christian Duka & Marco Maldarella



Paul Friedlander

Paul Friedlander (born 1951) is a light artist who first trained as a physicist. Friedlander obtained a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Mathematics at the University of Sussex and was tutored by Sir Anthony Leggett who later was awarded a Nobel Prize for his work on superfluidity. In 1976 he graduated with a B.A. in Fine Art at Exeter College of Art, UK. Friedlander worked as a lighting and stage designer for theatrical productions and avant-garde music before devoting himself to kinetic art at the age of 36. He lives and works in London, United Kingdom (UK).


Claude Heiland-Allen

My name is Claude Heiland-Allen. I’m from London, UK. I’m interested in art, computers, free software, maths, science. I perform live music by coding in the C programming language, to manipulate audio processing callbacks. I spent some time exploring reaction-diffusion systems.


Mowgli and the slate pipe banjo draggers

Presenting Mariskao, an experimental audiovisual improvised performance featuring the ‘one is more not four’ midi enabled custom one string bass and the Zenoid, an audiovisual groovebox. The piece is in a continual state of development and evolution and each performance is different to the previous. Despite the minimal, single stringed format of the bass, it is able to draw on an infinite palette of sounds using contemporary computer technology. These sounds are layered during the performance and synchronized with the sounds and images produced by the Zenoid, which draws its inspiration from analogue synthesisers, creating audio and video simultaneously from a single control surface. Although some sound-reaction is present on the video facet, it is not a visualization of the audio as such, but something that is generated in parallel through abstract synesthetic correspondences between sonic and visual parameters.


Christian Duka & Marco Maldarella

Presenting Holistic 3. HOLISTIC is a collaboration between sound artist Christian Duka and Visual Artist Marco Maldarella. Through the intuitive combination of A/V art in live improvisation, each instance of HOLISTIC explores concepts relevant to our present era in relation to the human condition. Holistic 3.0 – Noise Culture will be an immersive audio/visual experience made to portrait the delirious plethora of views, thoughts, opinions, aesthetics and perspectives of the modern, interconnected digital age – in all of their diversities and contrasts. Its aim is to give voice to the noise generated by each and every individuated humanoid aliens inhabiting planet Earth in 2018.