Brane Zorman


Brane Zorman is a composer, sound and radio artist and founder of CONA. Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, he has composed numerous sound works for theatre and dance performances, new media and internet events and projects. His work examines and explores the possibilities of processing, presenting, perceiving, understanding, positioning, manipulating and reinterpreting the sound and space. Employing old (analogue), digital technologies and techniques his work traverses the fields of music, multimedia and visual space. By using both sophisticated and simple tools he is developing strategies, methods, dynamic and interactive interpretation models, soundscapes, creating electronic and acoustic evolving sound sculptures.

Brane will talk about his work and will perform Hidden Materia, a sound composition inspired by and conceived as an ongoing journey of the raw, liquid, vivid force of terrestrial magma carrying the unparalleled and hidden amount of energy and threat. “Hidden Materia” project was created and developed as a trilogy of live sound and video performances between 2012 and 2014.

Jueves, 24 de septiembre
a las 19:00


5–10 Corbridge Crescent, E2 9DS. London, United Kingdom