Medial Ages

 “Median Ages” Live A/V Audiovisual Performance & Installation

Stigmart Artpress, Videofocus. Stigmart10, Art Review #FEB 2014.

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It is influenced by theories of postmodernism, postcolonialism, relies in the aesthetics of noise, it is supported by cybernetics and the relations between Art, Science and Technology. It is influenced by Political Art, Activism, Hacktivism, Human Rights and Policies of Heritage. It offers the possibility to transform reality into a more humanitarian, more ethical and balanced environment. The abuse of power, the tendencies of production and the own profits are provoking the awareness of damage. Extinction and fragility are oppressed and restricted. Open culture offers a different view from those who are the elite. Artists give solutions to constantly obliterated situations. The project born from the experience achieved in international cooperation on post-communist countries of Africa where the struggle and socialist vindication for basic needs make the unheard voices becomes a social hub to facilitate the social equality. Work with sound resources as speeches or sound archives allow reviewing this historical process. His intention is to make history based on strategies such as copy-art or appropriation. The fall of the soviet regime and the dismemberment of the communist bloc are also influences. Meanwhile in Europe during the 80’s, exploits the cybernetics and the domestic technology. But Southern countries still face harsh, corrosive militarized dictatorship. Decolonization processes culminate in the end of the Cold War. But it is not the struggle for the scope of the space, not the advancement of communication technologies neither the implantation of internet networks nor the postmodernism in the direction of flow and connectivity. Median Ages is an experiential environment that attempts to reconfigure the dictatorships with photojournalism and expanded video-art. It creates a video-footage from archives, magazines, journalism and appropriated images from the press, agencies like Reuters, and others free media journalist. It takes them to create a political content video-footage from social struggles, like barricades, banlieus, riots, citizens’ demonstrations. The selection of the images creates an iconoclastic figure for the population. It means that analysing shape and figure, it never displays a hero, or a figure standing alone. This corresponds to the general idea against leaders, icon or mainstream. It is because the occidental culture has been erected from the idea of the icon against the masses. Here influences from Gericault or Delacroix. Media Ages faces with the inherent problems of representing the cancerous cycle of war, striking the material consequences of the traces of the conflict on the landscape. Exploitation of mines and material resources, gold, diamonds, coltan or fiber senses, are designing structures for war and territorial invigilated landscapes of control and punishment. It documents images of rebels and human rights violations shown in a traditional realism, in a way that attempts to overturn and see beneath the surface. It uses an aesthetic approach that considers problematic imagery. Documentary photography engages with the unseen, hidden and intangible aspects. Within a cinematographic style of long tracking shot resulting in a spectral, disembodied gaze film. The piece haunts a visceral soundscape in a DIY noise composition. It is an experiential environment that attempts to reconfigure the dictatorships with photojournalism and expanded video art installation.

Technical requirements: Live A/V Performance 40min. and Installation


Noise OpenSource Software Audacity Composition

DIY Installation: Electromagnetic components – Synthesizers – Plasma Loudspeakers

– Electromagnetic components used as alternative energy. Developing Electromagnetic natural low-voltage components to supply low output devices. Copper Coils, Minerals and Salts, Solar Power Batteries Supplies.

– Synthesizers: DIY Oscillators, 555 Synthrotek Time Oscillator, Arduino Potentiometers. Control 9V input and transform it into sound.

– Plasma Loudspeaker: Is a DIY device that makes the input signal turn into sound through plasma gas. It is a D.I.Y. loudspeaker. A plasma speaker is made by using a 555 timer chip driving a flyback transformer using an IRF640 Mosfet. The widths of the pulses generated by the 555 are modulated using an audible signal. The sound you hear is produced by the spark: there is no other source of sound.

Video: Glitch Photojournalism kiev /  sharpeville

Installation: 4-channel video projection with sound specific installation of plasma loudspeakers. Installed in a large darkened chamber creating a physically immersive experience.



screened / played / performed / exhibited at :

2015 iklctik artlab, london, 2015

2015 lumiere, london, 2015

2014 anatum’s abode, london, 2014

2014 OneBeatEcho, US, 2014

2014 Improvised Electronic Round Up. New York, 2014

2014 CRUX 1,2 – London Electronic Music MeetUp, London, 2014

2014 THE A BAND The Rhythm Factory, London, 2014

2014 Best of Salon des Refusés, Londonewcastle Arts Programme, london 2014

2014 event. antic forn, barcelona, 2014