Sonic Lab London

Sound art in media studies

Sonic Lab London a temporary nomad sonic lab in London. An online creative network for the enjoyment of artists and activists working with sound, computer music, hacktivism, media, and where the messages sent are for the interests of the community of performers, activists, and sound artists.

Its fields of enquiry are sound performance, noise, human rights, live coding, maths and arts, creative computing, hacking, hardware hacking, electronics, performance, coding for music, sound art, electronic music, and DIY.

As sound artists and activists we are also interested in sound ecology and field recordings, conflicts with the Anthropocene, human / non-human mediations, new media technology and the environment.

As an aesthetic solution, we propose a system of listening that intensifies the relations with the place and the artistic practices. Listening and thinking through sound are practices that establish a communication aesthetic for activism and sound arts, as well as new aesthetic sensibilities.

Our interest is to grow the community of artists interested in the new media sonic world as a possible online network where to communicate, post about events and enjoy the discussion forum based on sound art and the political situation of sound artists.

Academics, researchers, PhD students, artists, coders, practitioners, theorists, all are welcome!!!

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