Sound.Art Event Tin Tabernacle

Sound.Art Event.
Thursday 27th February 2014 6pm-12pm
Tin Tabernacle Kilburn Park – Bakerloo Line12 – 16 cambridge avenue NW6 5BA
5GBP or free donation

“sound art events” performs with artists, musicians and digital composers. it is an hybrid between art and live. in this occasion experimental sets and installations will approach relational aesthetics and counter-culture. you will listen distortions, radars, telegraphs, signal intrusions, electromagnetic interferences, soundscapes, warscapes, filters, feedbacks, echos. experimental, diy, dark-ambient, guitar amp. the event will be holding an exhibition of media archeology, morse telegraphs, and morse telegraphs receivers, loudspeakers, and more sound devices from 50.70´s.instructions: work in progress non-stop timed setsinstallations:
– juan jose rivas
– grant smith
– charlie wheatley
– james sherman
– graham dunning
– iris garrelfs
– andrew page
– bioni samp
– martin smith
– st’art moves
– his Namelessness Is Legion
– robbie judkins & tsasos stamou
– luke jordan
– mark wagner

juan jose rivas. Sound and visual artist. He has studied at SABK in karlsruhe Germany. As well, he has been a resident artist at HANGAR Multimedia Center in Barcelona Spain and in the Multimedia Center in México City. He has received support of Program Production and Research of Media Art. His work has been exhibited in differents galleries and festivals in countries such as: Germany, Argentina, Canada, Spain, U.S.A, Japan, Portugal, Morocco and Mexico. Juanjosé has collaborated and shared stage with artist and musicians like: Elliott Sharp, Zeena parkins, Ikue Mori, Joker Nies, Bloodyminded, Angelica Castello, Burkhard Stlang, Dan Deacon, Drew Daniels, M.C. Schmidt, Tuna Pase, among many others.
grant smith presents a live audio stream from under the Antarctic ice made available by the Alfred Wegener Institute’s PALAOA marine research project. This will be in two severed communications tubes found on site. A limited number of people will be able to be on the platform at one time. he will be around to interpret. Depending on weather and time, he will bring some video seascapes for the outside wall of the building. grant smith organizes SoundCamp is a daybreak listening event in London over the weekend of 3-4 MAY 2014. From the soundCamp we will broadcast REVEIL: a 24 hour round the world transmission of the live sounds of daybreak, relayed by streamers on the Locus Sonus network and elsewhere.  We invite and welcome campers, streamers and broadcasters for this event and beyond, as part of an evolving open microphone network, set to create a live archive of terrestrial soundscapes as yet unheard.See or contact for more information
Charles Weahltey. Seirenes- A self-evolving installation based on microtonal dissonance. The construction alters it’s own harmony constantly and gradually through Doppler effect and unstable hacked radio circuits. I may perform with the changing harmonies live at various points throughout the exhibition.
James Shearman is a sound artist working largely with hypnagogic guitar-based soundscapes, vocal manipulations and recitals, and sculptural noise. For this site-specific installation, “Mishkan”, he will hole up in one of the Tin Tabernacle’s cabins in order to develop a series of personal reflections and meditations on the themes of ‘portable divinity’ and ‘nautical existentialism’. This will take place across the span of the full 6 hours of the event, but with emphasis on specific, scheduled performances and collaborations.
graham dunning. site-specific installation for the LV21 decommissioned Light Ship. Viewers were invited to read aloud from a copy of Joseph Conrad’s Lord Jim in which phrases relating to either sound or sea collisions had been underlined. The signal from the microphone was amplified inside a large metal tank two decks below, picked up again by a stereo pair of microphones and fed back into the headphones, causing a long, metallic reverberation effect.
Iris Garrelfs. “In A Day’s Work are two sound walks with a twist by Iris Garrelfs – the twist being that no actual walk takes place (although it does take you out and about), and sound is complemented by a visual component. What began as a comment on the artist’s personal experience of London as a place in time, has since mutated into a comment of a particular social, post credit crunch climate. In A Day’s Work consists of two complimentary mobile phone aided excursions to London locations, exploring two seemingly opposite environments. It is an experience that arises at the intersection between sight and sound, the virtual and the real, and invites you to linger and ponder.” is sound and sculptural artist
Andrew Page… Fresh from a UK tour and ‘The Noise and Whispers’ group sound art exhibition at the GV Art Gallery. He shall be performing the latest variation of an ongoing project entitled ‘Empty Air’ a durational drone piece for multiple radios, televisions and other sound making devices, it received its debut as a 2 hour installation piece at the Soundfjord curated Sound//Space record shop at V22 Gallery at the beginning of summer in 2012, a 5 hour more performance based variation was also performed at the end of the summer of 2012 in the shed of The Windmill Brixton as part of the Transient Constellations All Dayer…
Bioni Samp – Hive Synthesis. Hive Synthesis, attempts to create a symbiotic frequency relationship, like those between pollination and nectar exchanges, or between beekeeper and bees. Home made electronics & Video. Installation with live performance. Size 2m x 3m
startmoves. will present a mixture of inner and outer sounds that constitute someones’ personality. An improvisation with voice and electronics composing ideas and images that the individual living in the city experiences in solitude. Sarmen A is a Mexican musician, singer and performer founder of St’art moveS art project, which focuses, in three artistic fields: Music, Performance and Voice training. Her work aims for the interdisciplinarity in performance. She releases alternative, experimental music and soundscapes playing live with visual artists and collaborators.Currently, Sarmen is working in an electronic and alternative project called Man In Motion influenced by trip hop, soul, drum & bass… At the same time, Sarmen continues her PhD Research in voice performance at the University of Sheffield.
his Namelessness Is Legion creates drone -‘pataphysics for cognitive biological cybernetic systems with 2 ears. hNIL will be performing a piece entitled raw mood: equipped with a variety of self-built & circuit bent soundgenerators, tiny synthesizers and a variety of effects, a special soundscape, tailored to the location, will be forced into being at the Tin Tabernacle
Mark Wagner and Elyssa Iona- NOW I SEA. Multi instru-mental composer and sound artist Mark Wagner will be playing a one-off improvised set on the Tin Tabernacle’s own pump organ accompanied by a visual / projected piece by Elyssa Iona. The synergic ambiance will be that of being lost at sea, adrift, isolated and melancholic.
Robbie Judkins & Tasos Stamou. Tintintin is a site-specific improvised performance for tin instruments in a tin building. The instruments are made up of tin debris – cans, scrap, wires, corrugated sheets, as well as rusty tin bells and traditional tin whistles. The performance explores the relationship between tin materials and spaces through improvisation
luke jordan. performance/installation: an unstable and fragmented body of feedback, cacophony, wires, electronic circuits, flickering lights and electroacoustic sculptural assemblages. In homage to David Tudor, and Gordon Mumma, i recreate some of their circuits and employ some of their techniques in the piece, integrating these and my own creations within an unpredictable network of sound, objects and bodies.
the result: a countercultural ethos (Turner, 2011). For Coleman, trolling partakes of  “a rich aesthetic tradition of spectacle and transgression… which includes the irreverent legacy of phreakers and the hacker underground (Coleman, 2012a: p.45).