Light Art Biennale

Light Art Biennale Austria 2010

The Light Art Biennale Austria 2010 (in German: Biennale für Lichtkunst Austria 2010) is the first biennale for light art in Austria. About 60 artists from 21 countries and 4 continents participate.

The “Biennale für Lichtkunst Austria 2010” is a non-commercial biennale of light art-projects and the first biennale of light art that happened in Austria. The biennale 2010 has the slogan “private light in public spaces” and runs in several Austrian cities in the autumn of 2010. It started at September 1 in Linz, nearly at the same time as the ars electronica festival which started at September 2. The organisation is done by Gallery Artpark Linz, consultant is Peet Thomsen (USA/Copenhagen/Linz). The selection of the artists was curated. Members of the jury were artists and curators, one of them Laura Plana Gracia from Spain.

This first Biennale for Light Art in Austria wants to generate a cut surface between society and art. The spontaneous conjunction with art in public spaces leans on the art concept of Joseph Beuys from 1965 “How to define the paintings to the dead rabbit” in Düsseldorf. A dialogue should arise between art and the public. The concept was made by the two founders of the Light Art Biennale, Manfred Kielnhoferand Martina Schettina.

The Biennale für Lichtkunst Austria 2010 is supported by the cultural boards of Upper Austria, Lower Austria and the City Linz as well as compnies and private sponsors.

The opnening in September took place in Linz, September 4, 2010 in Perchtoldsdorf. The Light Art Biennale Austria 2010 runs from September to December 2010, the final Exhibition will take place in Vienna. The documentation of the biennale includes a blog, a website and a catalogue.

  • Norbert Francis Attard (Malta/DE)

  • Carlo Bernardini (IT)

  • Juanli Carrión (ES)

  • Stanley Casselman (USA)

  • Sarawut Chutiwongpeti (Thailand)

  • Fabrizio Corneli (IT)

  • Titia Ex (NL)

  • Heidulf Gerngross (AT)

  • Hofstetter Kurt (AT)

  • Hideo Iwasaki (JP)

  • Manfred Kielnhofer (AT)

  • Thorbjørn Lausten (DK)

  • Eric Michel (FR)

  • Alexandre Murucci (BRA)

  • Joaquin Gasgonia Palencia (PH)

  • Jaanika Peerna (USA)

  • Jason Peters (USA)

  • Suzy Poling (USA)

  • Erwin Redl (AT/USA)

  • Seth Riskin (USA)

  • John Routhledge (UK)

  • Peter Sandbichler (AT)

  • Martina Schettina (AT)

  • Reto Schölly (CH/DE)

  • Manabu Shimada (JP/UK)

  • Phil Stearns (USA)

  • Rob Voerman (NL)

  • Patrice Warrener (FR)

  • Richard Williams (IR)

  • Samson Young (CH)

  • Mounty R. P. Zentara (AT)

  • Pomodoro Bolzano (= Max D. Well, Christian Wittkowsky,

  • Andreas Müller und Detlef Thomas) (DE)

  • Two People one work (= Mounty R. P. Zentara und Karin Sulimma) (A)

The Austrian’s theme for the first edition of the Biennale will be “Private Light in Public Spaces”. The name a gentle teasing of the German Light Art Biennale “Open Light in Private Spaces”. The “Light Art Biennale Austria 2010” has been invited to the contemporary art ruhr (C.A.R.) 2010 in Essen, Welterbe Zollverein as an official part of the  European Capital of Culture-program Ruhr.2010.

The Light art Biennale Austria will be held every two years in various cities in Austria.

Curator: Consultant Peet Thomsen: Light Art Biennial Austria 2010 ‘Private Light in Public Spaces.’

Curator:  Laura Plana Gracia. BA History of Art, UB University of Barcelona, 2006.
MA Curating New Media Art, MECAD Barcelona 2007. Certificate in Curating, Communication and Criticism, University of Arts London 2009. MA Media Art Histories, Vienna, Austria 2010. Phd Visual Global Cultures UB. Actually participates at study/work programme Media Art Histories where is Editor, Archiver and Researcher for Database of Virtual Art. Has exhibited: Field, Interim Camp, Experimental Generative Animation, Pebbledash Gallery, London 2009. Cartographies of non- site, Espai D’arts, Barcelona 2009. Joe Sola, Arco Cinema, Madrid 2010. Aggtelek, Solo Exhibition, Crisp London Los Angeles, London 2010. Will be talking about Cartographies, Mapping & Database Visualization at ISEA Conference Dortmund Germany 2010. Forthcoming is awarded by MACBA as Researcher in Residence at Centre d’Estudis Barcelona.

Laura Plana Gracia (SE)
Database of Virtual Art Editor
Department Image Science
Danube University Austria
Curatorial Assistant London