2024 Artnodes (forthcoming)


2024 The Music of Sounds and the Music of Things (Routledge) (forthcoming)

2024 Hybrid Labs Symposium, Department of Media/ Media Lab Helsinki, Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture (forthcoming)

2021 OnCurating Issue: “Extreme”  – article Vitalist Materialism – Life Mining

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2020 KYOKA, electronic music fusion with synths, drum machines, and strange voices, CLOTmag

2020 Hyper Functional, Ultra Healthy: wellness as the optimisation of mental and physical wellbeing, CLOTmag

2020 Patrice Olivier Acardy and the world of fractals, CLOTmag

2020 CHRISTINA J. CHUA, creative director at so-far Singapore’s art and technology platform, CLOTmag

2019 HAROON MIRZA, playing with waveforms, light, and our conscious relationship to existence, CLOTmag

2019 NIKITA ZABELIN, art and music through the shape of electricity, CLOTmag

2019 Insight: Into Ami Clarke’s exhibition ‘The Underlying’ by Laura Netz, CLOTmag.

2019 SIMON SCOTT, dreamlike elegance in audio diaries, CLOTmag.

2019 RE:SOUND 2019; Sound, Media and Art by Laura Netz, CLOTmag.

2019 CHRISTIAN DUKA, immersive participatory body-sound art, CLOTmag.

2019 CASEY REAS, Creative Coding for Art and Design. CLOTmag

2019 LIA, the software art pioneer and the fluidity of code, CLOTmag.

2019 NATALIA FUCHS, curating Art, Science and Technology, CLOTmag.

2019 Videogame: What remains by Iodine Dynamics, CLOTmag.

2019 XENOENTITIES NETWORK, Collective practice towards the digital future, CLOTmag.

2019 Dark Havens, confronting Hidden Money & Power. The Art of Exposing Injustice Part 1, CLOTmag.

2019 SURACHAI, the dark modular synthesis master, CLOTmag.

2019 NONOTAK, experiencing space throughout sound and light, CLOTmag.

2019 JULIEN BAYLE, exploring audiovisual creativity in live performance and installations, CLOTmag.

2019 GAZELLE TWIN, surrounded by androgynous demons, CLOTmag.

2019 BRAD LANER, a life in sound experimentation, CLOTmag

2019 REHAB HAZGUI, hacking sound and biological systems, CLOTmag


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