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The TRANSITORY NETWORK PUBLIC FORUM (Belgrade, 22- 24 July), is now accepting research papers. Social Scientists, Cultural Researchers, Art Managers, Curators, Artists and anyone interested in the topic is encouraged to apply. We specially welcome creative research and performative presentations.

Transitory Art is a concept that responds to the necessity to map out a specific landscape of creative and research practices that responds to the contexts and challenges proposed by Globalization. This umbrella/concept tries to define the variety of artistic productions and research that are becoming increasingly representative of our multicultural and trans local era. It is a concept that develops in the time of new media ubiquitous use as a tool to represent the reapropiation of alternative discourses found within consumption and production. The definition of Transitory Art does not rely only though in the use of new media as a subversive strategy of interaction and experimentation but also in the retooling of the useabilities of traditional media as a means to broaden the scope of art’s multiple new functionalities. Transitory Art then tries to reveal itself in the everyday, within the strategies of place and space creation, use and occupation. Reflecting upon the following topics:

a) ‘Why is art relevant today? Meaningful interactions, New Medias and the public space’.
b) ‘Transitoriness vs. permanence: creative practices in the era of hyper-mobility’.
c)‘East Europe as fictional space: Socio-political contexts, contemporary art initiatives and creative networks’.

Transitory network is an initiative to connect media-labs and artist-in-residency spaces in East Europe and the Balkans. It functions as a collaborative curatorial body with an open call that will result in a shared residency program focused on artistic research and production of new site specific works of selected artists.In most of the cities the partners managed to establish pioneering residency programs. The network encourages exchange between these places as well as production and touring of international transitory artworks. All believe in building the infrastructure for artistic research, production and representation in order to be able to construct a dynamic and open system with the purpose to revitalize the either closed or just unfamiliar artistic scenes of the so called East.


Leandro Pisano “Istraživanje ruralne teritorije kao novi medij”
Pau Cata ” Nomadizam i komodifikacija: novi izazovi i predlozi za alternativnu koncepciju mreže umetničkih rezidencija.”
Lisa Stansbie “Apropriacija i Hack. Novi oblici produkcije.”
Laura P. Gracia “Estetika prostora. Istraživanje u umetnosti i prostoru ”
Agnieszka Kubicka-Dzieduszycka: Kontrolisano okolje vs slobodno izražavanje. Media Art projekati za javni prostor ukustoske prakse u WRO Art Center .
Zaključak Foruma

Transitory Network Forum
21 July – 22 July 2011
Salon of Museum of Contemporary Art, Belgrade, Serbia


Iniciative: MoTA – Museum of Transitory Art, Ljubljana.
With support of: Treći Beograd & Salon of Museum of Contemporary Art, Beograd.
Partners: CIANT (Prague), WRO (Wroclaw), Kitchen Budapest (Budapest), Cenatus CIC (London), BIS (Istanbul), Protok (Banja Luka) i Artos (Ciper).