IKLECTIK presents,


£8 adv / £10 otd

Saturday 2 May 2020
Listening Session: 7pm
Live Concert: 8pm

MUSLAB is an International Exhibition of Electroacoustic Music that aims to gather and disseminate the creation and sound exploration of artists from different countries of the world and promote the creative process and contemporary artistic communication, to bring new audiences to the contemporary sound creation, give access to artists to new representation forums and create an international communication network through the development of different cultural activities, training in new technologies and sound art concerts.


Electroacoustic Music Concert:
Jude Cowan Montague
David Webb
Laura Netz
Milo Taylor

Listening Session:
Laura Netz (Spain)
Anselm McDonnell (United Kingdom)
Robert Scott Thompson (USA)
Otto Castro (Costa Rica)
Felipe Corredor Téllez (Colombia)
Yuanyuan (Kay) HE (United Kingdom)
Amy Dickson (United Kingdom)
David Webb (United Kingdom)
Felipe Corredor Tèllez (Colombia)
Max Gibson (United Kingdom)
Michelle Bonaventura (United Kingdom)
Leandro Souza (Brazil)
Simon Le Boggit (United Kingdom)
Michael Rosas Cobian (United Kingdom)
Laura Agnusdei (Italy)

Jude Cowan Montague
Experiments in melody and riff on vintage organs and related media, plus choral music inspired vocals.

Dave Webb
Dave Webb created his project in the year 2017 in London as a platform for experiments with different improvised means all around us. The discography of Wave Debb consists of different records from live studio jam sessions and counts more than 15 releases. The music of Dave is a long time ago forgotten combination of musique concrète, improv industrial and percussions on different thing around including bottles, toggles, office supplies and other electronic and non-electronic devices.

Laura Netz
Medial Dark Ages, a Live AV Performance by Laura Netz consisting of experimental electromagnetic power noise with DIY circuitry and a handmade synth. DIY oscillators, based on Schmitt triggers, using optoelectronic components produce a repetitively modulated wave.

Milo Taylor
sainsŵn : Amid Futurity’s Ruins
A extract of a 12/8, 3/4 6/4 beat + 3/ 6/ 12/ 24 / 48 96 step polyrhythmic 12 chapter epic in A minor(s). Combing live electronic performance and post-cinematic sound design. A stereo format without visual distraction, expandable to a 5 surface projection mapped, surround sound ambisonic environmental experience. Inspired by Samuel Delany’s 1964 sci-fi novel “The Jewels of Aptor”.
sainsŵn (Welsh – noisesound / soundnoise – pronounced “sign-soon”) explores sound and narrative within the traditions of performance, sound art and critical poesis.

It is a Belfast-based experimental contemporary music ensemble. It comprises three composer-improvisers playing electric and acoustic guitar, baritone, piano, percussion and electronics.
The collective integrates each individual’s specialist practice, including composition and interpretation, improvisation, and live electronics. Ideas for each composition are generated by interdisciplinary approaches drawn from each member’s curiosity and intuition New work is conceived by a collaborative process within the ensemble, using it as a ground for experimentation in the co-creation of new work The live show incorporates multi instrumental performances, loops, and audio-visual material. Collectively they have worked with the BBC singers, Crash Ensemble, members of the London Symphonic Orchestra, Fidelio Trio, Rarescale, and Hard Rain Soloist Ensemble. Their music has been performed across four continents, and broadcasted on BBC Radio 3, Radio 5, Lyric FM, BBC Radio Ulster, and Radiophrenia Glasgow.
Ensemble showreel: