Sensible analysis of image datasets through ImageJ

Sensible analysis of image datasets through ImageJ

By Doreen A. Rios

At Iklectik Art Lab.

Saturday, 12 October 2019, from 11am to 3pm.

Max. participants 20.

Price: TBC


– Laptop
– ImageJ
– About 20 – 30 images in .jpg, preferably in 720px

This workshop aims to build basic knowledge for the use of ImageJ (free software) for the visualization of image datasets. It focuses on creating and understanding the visual patterns provided by the chosen image set and explores how to use it for both research and/or artistic creation. In the same way, a the theoretical framework will be provided and will expand into what does DataViz means as well as its different forms and uses and how it has been integrated into contemporary artistic creation.

During the first hour we’ll be looking into the historical part of DataViz and during the last 2 hours we’ll be developing a series of exercises using ImageJ, for which we’ll need an image data set (about 20 – 30 images in .jpg, preferably in 720px) and a laptop with the software installed (you can find it here).

From this workshop you can expect to learn how to produce 2D images, animations and short videos in which you can see a colour analysis from a selected image set.

*This workshop doesn’t require any previous experience in dataviz and will provide a full introduction into the potential uses of ImageJ as a creative tool.

Doreen A. Ríos (Mexico, 1992)

Doreen holds an MA in Contemporary Curation from the University of Southampton, specializing in digital culture, and a BA in Architecture from Tecnológico de Monterrey. She is also the founder of [ANTI]MATERIA, a platform that aims to facilitate international exchanges between art professionals interested in digital practices. As part of [ANTI]MATERIA she has curated several shows in Mexico and in the UK. Her work focuses on research and curation of digital art, and postdigital practices.