Solar Sound Bots





Francisco Sosa 383, Coyoacán, Distrito Federal, 04010 México

+(55) 41550950


Author J Milo Taylor



Wednesday 22 July

10:00 to 14:00 hours

15:00 to 18:00 hours

Sala Thomas Stanford

Keywords: participation, education, electronics, relational aesthetics, cultural exchange, collaboration, collectivity, sound art, cybernetics, water, sun, Hebrides

Invitation: You are invited to participate in the co-production of a collective sound installation. We will construct small, simple life-like sound circuits that produce small, insect-like sounds in response to the energy of the sun. All are welcome. This will be fun and accessible to everyone from newbies to seasoned tinkerers and makers.  The participation of the young, the old, minorities and those with disabilities is especially encouraged.

Our Solar Sound Bots: Associated with immanent / non-representational sound, heat, dryness, height, the present.

Our simple circuits respond to the contingencies of context – simply sounding depending upon the weather conditions of the day. Do these sounds “mean” anything? Perhaps it is sufficient that that simply exist. You will choose where to place your bot in the garden, thereby completing the formal structure of our collectively created installation.

Hence the second component complements and questions the first. Our work together involves proximity, immanence, collective creativity, raw electronic sound, interaction and actualisation.

Taken together, the two components actually become multiple: plural sound objects/events/entities/experiences that aim to animate the garden of the Fonateca with sonic reference to the past, rendered as an algorithmic circling of dead media (sound recordings) and simultaneously a sounding articulation of the contingent present. The installation’s daily manifestation is then, variable and indeterminate – consequently likely to present an emergent experience, in vital ways, dependent upon your involvement.

All materials will be provided. Please bring any of the following however, if possible. Once the installation is over, you are free to take your creations home with you.


Tools required:

Soldering iron

Glue Gun and Glue


Long-nose pliers

Wire Strippers

Cost: Free



Examples of Previously constructed Solar Sound Bots (Ralf Schreiber):