@ Salon des Refuses – Space studios Sounding D.i.Y. proposes an activity that blurs the parameters of traditional arts. Within the framework of handmade culture, Sounding D.i.Y. presents artists who develop their own instruments, extending the craftsmanship to music. Envisioning D.i.Y instruments those artists explode different fields from sound arts to sonic practice, as well as music, art, science and technology, and media art. Thus transforms the dimension of the traditional concept of arts that is expanded towards an interactive media which incorporates all the senses.


[5pm] Liz Helman

[4pm] David Bloor

[3pm] Bioni Samp

[2pm] Medial Ages



129-131 Mare st, E8 3RH London, United Kingdom


Friday 24 June


Liz Helman

Bioni Samp

Dirch Blewn

Medial Ages


Liz Helman is an artist working in time-based media, which includes sound.

She is London based, self-taught and with no formal training as a composer. Her current album, the Truth Inside is available on Montreal label, Kohlenstoff Records. As a multi-disciplinary, Liz has always had an interest in ambient music and sound art as a form of expression. Her work, both visual and sonic, is a response to place and environment. Sensitive to how these energies make her feel, she is interested in the subliminal and sonic exploration of these experiences. By walking the streets, and experiencing different levels of sounds, layers and textures she always begins her process with field recordings before studio intervention. She very much likes working experimentally, following the thread of the sound to its ultimate destination, which she likes to think of as sonic alchemy.

Bioni Samp is an artist, producer and video maker originally from Leeds, Yorkshire. He currently resides in London. He creates experimental electronic music, live and on recordings. He also seasonally works with bees. When not beekeeping, he makes custom audio software and hardware, which he uses in creating his music. Bioni Samp has been publishing his work since 1995 and has had releases on various labels: Aconito, EMIT (UK) Harthouse (DE) Philtre/Kompakt, Instinct, Minimalizm (USA) RoHS Prod (FR) Musica Dispersa (ES) and Noise Music (BR). Bioni Samp plays live the bee colony recorded and mixed with his homemade bee frequency instruments. Hints at a futuristic post-apocalyptic beekeepers stall. Where ecocide has made honey bees extinct. There is no honey, no pollen, no beeswax, no propolis for sale. All that remains are enthusiastic beekeepers who ‘Play’ old bee colony recordings and create new bee frequency instruments to keep the memory of the insects alive. The ‘Hive Synthesis’ Installation/performance attempts to create a symbiotic frequency relationship, like those between pollination and nec

tar exchanges, or between beekeeper and bees.

Dirch Blewn is the project of sound artist David Bloor. He explores ideas around connection to each other in community, to the past in memory and to the world in information. In his practice, the sound generation through happy accident, the influence of chaos in feedback, and the physical influence of electrical components and the degradation caused by time and physical process are continuously present. His works are composed based in the notion that a signal can be both simple binary, on or off, hammer on metal or a more complex signal with subtleties not easily understood, a transfer of skin or hair on string, and an emotion or memory transmitted. The result is a control systems that mimic our relationships to technology. The performance includes composition and recording using analogue systems and physical connections, building upon a relationship and history with these systems; as a kinetic sculpture absent of sound and visual elements that sometimes trigger a memory of place & time and the sounds associated with an object.

Medial Ages. Curator, artist and researcher established in London since 2009. Is interested in electronic arts, art, science and technology and digital media. Participant at hacking culture and noise scene has taken part in many international events, such as exhibitions, workshops, conferences, and concerts, in Spain, UK, Mexico, Colombia, Canada, Serbia, and Russia. As a Live Performer, she has acted in various festivals and events in London and overseas. In 2015, she launched her independent record label EAM Elektronische-art-and-music, with the album supporting the exhibition curated at Fonoteca Nacional de Mexico.