WHITE NOISE GENERATOR, Corazon de Robota, Iklectik


IKLECTIK presents

</coding in GE>  White Noise Generator – Workshop by Corazón de Robota

Saturday 17 Nov 11- 5pm £50 (limited places) BUY TICKETS

The White Noise Generated is a sound device built with transistors that is capable of producing a sound signal that contains all the audible frequencies and all of them with the same power. On our planet, the most common type of white noise is of an atmospheric nature, caused by electrical discharges, such as lightning and electrical storms, which have components in a wide band of the spectral, generated in a random way. Likewise, the water in movement, the rain, the wind, a river, the sea produce this type of noise that forms a kind of wall of sonic energy, without patterns.
Come build your own white noise generator and learn electronics.

No prior knowledge is required. Bring your own tools: soldering iron, tip and cutting pliers and a 9 volt battery. If you don’t have tools, we have some to share.